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Surprise Aging In Place

When it comes time to make decisions about your long-term care, you probably want to stay as close to home as possible. Fortunately, you can stay in your home longer with aging in place services like homemakers and home health aides. These people can cook, clean, run errands, help you around the house, monitor your health conditions, and assist you with daily tasks. Surprise is your home, and you don’t have to leave your house to find the care you need when you get older.

Can I Afford In-Home Care?

This is one of the first questions that most seniors ask and as long as you know where to look, you can find financial assistance when it comes to in-home health care. If you’re a veteran, your benefits might cover some in-home care options just check your coverage to see what’s approved. If you have a confirmation from your doctor that you need extra assistance at home, you might be able to get reimbursement for any services. You can also go to Region One, the local area agency on aging, and they can provide financial assistance for things like homemakers, home improvements, and meal delivery services.

How Much Is In-Home Care?

The cost of your in-home care will be different than other seniors because the total cost will depend on your location, how often you use this care and the kind of care you decide to use. If you look at the national average for both homemakers and home health aides, it’s around $123 per day or $3,800 per month.

Surprise averages are a little higher but not by much. Homemakers cost an average of $3,813 per month, and home health aides cost an average of $4,063 per month so you can expect to pay between $125 and $134 per day. Again, these are just averages, and if you don’t need services every day, your total cost will be a bit lower.

What Should I Look For In A Provider?

These people will be in your home so you want a provider you can trust and who will meet all of your needs. Your doctor is an excellent resource and can point you in the direction of reliable providers. You can also talk to friends or relatives that have used these services to get their suggestions. The Better Business Bureau of Surprise is another option to start your search because you can read reviews and look at each provider’s history.

Once you have a few places you like, call each one and ask some questions. See if they are insured and bonded and if they have all the right licenses. Ask them how they hire their employees and see what their background check is like. You should know how they schedule appointments so there is no confusion and before you sign any contract, ask about their payment policies.

Are There Other Care Options?

Many seniors choose to use homemakers and home health aides, but these aren’t your only options for in-home care. The great thing about aging in place is you can customize your care and build a plan that works best for you. Over the years, concierge services and online providers have grown and made it easier to find help with anything you need.

You can find dog walkers and pet sitters on Favor and TaskRabbit are sites that connect you with people to help you with your errands and any other random chores you might have. You can also find help for your house online at places like and Amazon Home Services. No matter what you need, there is a service for it, and you can find it online.

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