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Surprise 55+ Communities

Even though you live in Surprise, it might come as a surprise that you spend a lot of your hard earned retirement time taking care of things like your house, your yard, and a seemingly endless list of daily chores. If this isn’t what you expected from your golden years, you might consider a 55+ community that can take away the daily task list and allow you the freedom to do as you please.

A 55+ community can include places like independent living, assisted living, retirement villages, and senior living centers. This type of life will also include a range of amenities like chef-prepared meals and daily house cleaning, so you don’t have to worry about those things. Even though Surprise might be on the smaller side, there are plenty of seniors here and plenty of 55+ communities to choose. Parkwood Assisted Living, located in Surprise, even won the 2016 Best of Senior Living Award.

The Cost Of Surprise 55+ Communities

Almost anywhere you go, 55+ communities are going to cost more than your typical apartment or home because they offer a variety of senior-friendly services. However, based on your location, the price could go up or down. For comparison, a typical one-bedroom apartment in Surprise costs $955 per month, and a one-bedroom apartment in a 55+ community will cost around $3,470. Now, some places are less expensive at around $1,300 per month.

Paying For A 55+ Community

A 55+ community is also going to mostly be paid for out-of-pocket because you can’t use Medicaid, VA benefits, or long-term care insurance on basic living expenses, especially if you’re a healthy adult. There are a few ways to help supplement your new home, though.

You can use money from your Social Security payments, or if you have been saving for retirement most of your life, you can use that money. Perhaps you own your house and can rent it out to bring in some extra cash each month, or you could sell it and use that money to get a new place. A roommate might also be an option, and if it isn’t against the rules and you don’t mind living with a companion, it can cut costs in half.

Finding The Right 55+ Community

You have the freedom to design your life in retirement, and your community should be a reflection of that. Make a list of all the things that are important to you and use this as you start your search. If you have a large family, look for a place that can accommodate a large group of people and allows overnight guests. If you’re a world traveler, find a home that isn’t extremely expensive or has a lot of upkeep so you can spend time away. If you’re a pet lover, look for a home that will allow your furry friends.

Now that you have narrowed down what you want, start looking around. You can get some suggestions from others but know that each place will offer something different, so you’re going to want to visit each place before you move in.

What Are The Amenities?

One of the big draws of these types of communities are the amenities and services they can offer. Each place will have their set of basic amenities that are included in your price as well as extra services that could cost more. Ask about this when you go and visit.

Basic included amenities will often include things like cable TV, laundry, and housekeeping services. Transportation could also be provided at no extra cost, and so might a meal plan. If you don’t want someone else cooking your meals and would like to save a little money, ask if you can opt out of the meal plan.

There are so many other amenities. Based on your list of wants and needs, you can find a facility that has what you need. You might find services and amenities like:

A swimming pool Golf course Live entertainment Art, cooking, or fitness classes Fitness center Restaurants Salons and barbershops On call doctors or nurses Access to things like a dentist or therapist Dog parks and walking trails Game rooms Free Wi-Fi in public areas

Your Neighborhood

Keep in mind that the area is almost as important as your new community and it should fit your lifestyle too. Surprise is about 45 minutes away from Phoenix, so if regular trips there are important make sure you have access to some form of transportation. If you want to be near water, make sure you find a community near a lake. Or, if you prefer the desert, find a facility in a more remote location.

Do you want a place near various forms of entertainment or do you want to stay exclusively in your community? Is it too loud or too quiet? Is it kid-friendly for when your grandkids visit? These are all things to consider.

Your Future

You also need to think about your health as you age and take that into consideration as you choose a new home. If you’re in perfect health and don’t need much assistance and won’t mind moving if your health starts to decline, look for a place where the staff takes a much more hands-off approach. They are there when you need them but allow you to be independent when you don’t.

On the other side of things, a place that offers a continuum of care is ideal for people that need a little extra help or don’t want to move around a lot. These facilities will help you transition as you age and make sure you have access to assistance as needed.

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