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Medicare in Surprise

If you are a Surprise senior over the age of 65, you may be eligible to receive health benefits through the federal Medicare program. No matter what your health care needs might be, you can find local treatment options at affordable prices. Online and in-person resources can help you to learn more about what Medicare benefits are available to you and your family.

How does Medicare work?

Original Medicare is a federal health insurance program that helps elderly and disabled individuals access the medical services that they need to stay happy and healthy. The program can be broken down into two parts that offer different types of medical coverage:

Part A pays for inpatient care, hospital stays, nursing care, and limited home health services.

Part B pays for outpatient care, doctor’s appointments, lab tests, and medical supplies.

Medicare Advantage Plans, or Part C plans, allow private insurance companies to provide Medicare Part A and Part B benefits. Part C plans sometimes pay for additional services that are not offered through Original Medicare, such as vision or dental.

Prescription drug coverage is available with a Part D Medicare plan. These plans are offered through private insurance companies and can function as a stand-alone plan.

Medicare facts and figures for Surprise residents

According to the Maricopa County Medicare Spending & Usage:

Medicare helped to cover the cost of health care services for 559,206 Maricopa County residents in 2014.

The average age of Maricopa County Medicare recipients was 72 in 2014.

Maricopa County spends 34% of its Medicare budget on inpatient care.

6% of Maricopa County Medicare spending goes towards nursing care, while 4% goes towards home health services.

Finding Medicare benefits assistance in Surprise

The Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) administers the federal Medicare program and connects with families, health providers and state governments through ten strategically placed Regional Offices. Beneficiaries living in Surprise and throughout the rest of Arizona can contact the San Francisco Regional CMS Office for help with Medicare applications, appeals, and more.

San Francisco Region 9 Office

San Francisco Federal Building

90 7th Street, Suite 5-300

San Francisco, CA 94103

(415) 744-3501

[email protected]

Paid parking is available near the San Francisco Regional Office, but many visitors prefer the convenience of public transportation. You can travel via the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system to the Civic Center/UN Plaza Station stop, or take the bus to Mission & 7th Street.

Finding a Medicare provider in Surprise

With almost 50 family practice physicians and more than one dozen geriatric medicine doctors to choose from, the search for a care provider within the Surprise Medicare network can be overwhelming. Luckily, the Medicare physician search tool makes it easy to locate the top health professionals in your neighborhood. You can find out more about a doctor’s group and hospital affiliations, their specialties, and their contact information.

Medicare beneficiaries seeking treatment in a hospital, nursing home, or dialysis facility can also find care options using online search tools. Patients can see what services a facility has to offer and compare ratings on parameters such as safety, staffing, and patient satisfaction.

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