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Medicaid In Surprise

Arizona is a popular place for many seniors to retire. If you rely on Medicaid to help cover the costs of your health care, you should know all about the resources available to you here in Surprise. Medicaid can help you pay for things like going to the doctor or dentist, staying at the hospital or a nursing home, and cover things like prescription drugs and long-term care facilities. If you don’t currently have benefits but think you might qualify, you can learn more about the process here.

Who Is Eligible For Arizona Medicaid?

There are some requirements you need to meet before you can get your benefits. You must be at least 65 years old, blind, disabled, or require constant care either at home or in a facility for at least 30 days. Since Medicaid is for low-income families, you will also need to have your finances evaluated. You will need to meet a certain income level based on your family size, and you can’t own any valuable assets besides your house or car. If you’re still unsure if you qualify, you can check using this prescreening tool.

Where Can I Go To Apply For Medicaid In Surprise?

You have a few options when it comes to applying for benefits in Surprise. The fastest and perhaps easiest way is to do this is online. You can apply through Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System's website and use the resources to guide you through the process. You can also go to to apply.

There are two Medicaid office locations near the Surprise area, and if you have had trouble with your online application or a lot of questions, it might be better to apply in person. There is one office in Surprise and one office in Phoenix. They are located at:

801 East Jefferson, Phoenix, Arizona (602) 417-4000

11526 W. Bell Road, Surprise, Arizona (602) 771-1840

If you can’t make it to either of these locations that’s fine, you can still call and have your questions answered. You can also ask them to send you an application and then you can fill it out and mail it back. It could take a little longer this way so keep that in mind.

You might not have access to a computer or the internet, but if you still want to apply online, the Northwest Regional Library offers free computer access. You do need an updated library card, and there is a charge for printing, but there is free Wi-Fi.

What Does Medicaid Cover In Surprise?

As a senior, you can expect coverage for regular health care such as a trip to the doctor or the dentist, a stay in a hospital or nursing home, prescription medication, medical supplies as needed, x-rays, lab work, and outpatient services. You might also be able to get coverage for things like adult day care, in-home health care, long-term care facilities, and hospice care. Each state might have their own coverage rules, so look into your benefits to know for sure what you have.

You need to use providers that accept Medicaid, and you can find approved providers through the AHCCCS. It’s also just as easy to call and ask your providers if they take your benefits.

Medicaid Transportation In Surprise

The other thing that Arizona Medicaid will cover is transportation to your appointments. If you don’t have a car or can no longer drive, Medicaid will pay to arrange a ride for you. They might also reimburse anyone who has driven you to your appointments. To use this service, you need to call (888) 700-6822 at least three days in advance to schedule your ride.

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