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Caregiving in Surprise, AZ

Providing care to a family member or loved one is sometimes harder than working a full-time job. Not only is it physically demanding, but also you’re mentally and emotionally invested in their well-being, and it can take more than one person to do it well. That’s why it’s essential to use the resources in your community to share the load and provide the best care possible. Here are a few suggestions on where to look for assistance in Surprise.

Where to look when you need to take a little time away

To make sure that you don’t get burned out with daily caregiving, it’s important to schedule yourself regular breaks and “me” time. This will keep your energy high and help you stay physically heavy. Here are a few ways to find that time in the day or week.

Concierge services can help to shorten the time it takes to do daily tasks by offering delivery to your doorstep of things like household goods or groceries or provide services like caring for a pet or housekeeping.

Adult day programs offer a safe place where seniors can have supervision and assistance during the day in a state-licensed facility. They’ll socialize, participate in activities, and eat a provided hot lunch. Some centers will offer specialized care for dementia patients as well. In Surprise, you can expect to pay a median of $88 per day for these types of programs.

Homemakers or home health aides are certified staff that can be hired to provide in-home respite care for a senior who is homebound. They can help with personal care, administer medication, and even prepare meals. For these services, you’ll pay a daily median of $125 for a homemaker and $134 for home health aide services.

Residential respite care is offered in assisted living or nursing home facilities in Surprise, such as Feels Like Home Assisted Living. This short-term care option costs a median of $114 for an assisted living facility and $262 for private nursing home care per day in Surprise.

The Area Agency on Aging Region 1 for Maricopa County has a number of helpful resources for caregivers. Visit their website, or call their 24-hour senior helpline at (602) 264-HELP to inquire about services in the area. Additionally, caregivers can search on to find facilities in Surprise that offer the types of care you’re looking for. The website includes reviews by patients and caregivers, pricing for the facilities, and star-ratings of each property.

When you need advice or someone to listen

Caregiving has a unique set of challenges, and it can be hard to find someone who truly understands. By participating in a support group, you’ll be connected to other people like you in the area who can give you advice or simply listen to your concerns when you need it. There are many in the area, and here are a few places to start searching for a good fit for you.

If you care for someone with dementia, the Alzheimer’s Association of Central Arizona offers monthly support groups in Surprise for caregivers, as well as specialized training and lectures on topics that help patients and caregivers to manage the disease.

The Area Agency on Aging also offers a county-wide Family Caregiver Support Program and hosts monthly support groups in cities throughout the area.

Stepping down from being a full-time caregiver

Life isn’t always predictable, and when faced with changes like a new baby, a move, or a new job you may find it impossible to continue to provide care for a loved one. To help make the best decision about the care transition, you can contact the Area Agency on Aging or an organization like the Senior Source who can connect you with area resources that can help.

Caregivers have a tough job, and it’s critical to find community resources to help share the load of providing care and preventing burnout. Remember, your health and happiness will make you better able to give your loved one a good quality of life.

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