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St. Petersburg Senior Centers

Senior centers in St. Petersburg provide countless activities to keep older adults busy. Many find themselves struggling to find things to do, so senior centers got created to fill the void in many people’s lives. You no longer have to sit around wondering what’s next. Join a center and explore the variety of options they have there for you, from games to classes, fitness choices to performing, and more.

Do You Want to Play?

Games have existed for years to keep people entertained. The problem for many seniors is that they have no one to play their games with, and it is not as fun to play alone. Many senior centers, like The Sunshine Center, offer unique game times where people can come together to play cards, chess, checkers, and even Bingo on certain nights.

Do You Want to Learn?

Are you interested in creative writing? Do you want to know which essential oils prove most beneficial to your health? Perhaps you want to do some arts and crafts to find out how to make a particular item. Whatever the case may be, these learning opportunities and more exist at the Sunshine Center.

Do You Want to Stay Fit?

As people age, the body becomes much more fragile than it once was. Many seniors get plagued with arthritis and joint pain, making it difficult to get a good workout in regularly, if at all. A senior center offers a low impact workout option that is ideal for people with joint damage. Exercise classes allow everyone in the group to stretch out their muscles and joints and alleviate some of their pain.

Do You Want to Perform?

Performing, whether by singing, dancing, or acting, is a dream of many people. If you have this desire, you can speak with your local senior center advisor to see if there are related activities you can join. Perhaps there are dance classes to take or performance troupes to join. Look into senior-related options before trying out for a company directly among younger models.

Do You Want to Make Friends?

You can make friends at your senior center, and chances are you already have if you’ve been attending. If you only meet up once a week for cards though, you may be looking to make even more friends to help you occupy your time. Senior meetups in Saint Petersburg allow you to get together with a full group of people and find some with shared interests. Senior Singles Out Dining, a 55 and up group, Ladies on a Budget, Singles Club, and more exist in the city.

Do You Want to Travel?

The Sunshine Center hosts special trips throughout the year. There is usually at least one large travel plan set in motion to get seniors out and about to see new sights. You have to pay for your expenses, but you get to enjoy seven days of fun, some free meals, lodging, motor coach transportation, and more for an affordable fee. You must contact the Center well in advance of the date so you can be sure you get a spot on the bus.

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