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St. Petersburg Respite Care and Adult Day Care

Caregivers often need a break from their duties to handle their own chores and errands. During these times, a respite care program can be utilized to ensure their loved one is still being taken care of appropriately. Adult day care facilities are available in the St. Petersburg area to ensure all seniors have a safe place to go when needed.

What Do Respite Care Programs and Adult Day Care Offer?

Respite care programs and adult day care facilities all offer the same types of activities and amenities. There are solutions for every type of senior, including those who only need minimal care, as well as those who require advanced nursing assistance.

Nurses are available each day to help those in the adult day care program handle their medical needs. The services could be as simple as administering medication or checking blood pressure for those who suffer from either high or low blood pressure problems.

Meals also get provided during the day. Those that come in the early morning hours may get to have coffee and breakfast. Those that arrive a little later may only receive lunch. Breakfast, lunch, a snack, and refreshments all get offered throughout the day for those that stay the entire duration.

Activities are also available during the day. There are usually exercises offered, games available, and even debates or other simple social interaction to participate in regularly. These events are used to keep seniors engaged with others.

Who Provides This Type of Care in St. Petersburg?

Coral Reef Adult Day Care is just one solution in St. Petersburg for respite services. There are numerous choices in the area that allow seniors to enjoy a day of activities and social interaction with others. A flat-screen TV is located in the facility to provide a form of entertainment for a short time during the day.

Sea Breeze Adult Day Center is an alternative solution for respite care. Whether it is an emergency situation where a caregiver needs to place their loved one for the day immediately, or it is for a stay during a scheduled appointment or activity, Sea Breeze is available to everyone who needs a place to go.

Who Pays for Adult Day Care Costs, and How Expensive Is It?

It is the responsibility of the senior who requires care to pay for all their own expenses. A caregiver may be appointed the trustee of an estate, or another agreement may get made, where they are responsible for handling any payments and bills. Whatever the case may be, these two parties are solely responsible for ensuring the adult day care costs get paid.

It is best to look into all possible options within the area to help lower your costs. The lowest minimum daily amount is $56 in St. Petersburg. This value beats the highest price of $99. Medicaid may also be willing to pay a portion of the price so that you do not have to worry about the entire cost when utilizing these services regularly.

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