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St. Petersburg Nursing Homes

Making the transition from your own place to a nursing home is a scary one. You are unsure of what to expect and do not know if the place will live up to your expectations. By taking a look at a complete list of nursing homes in your area, you can help ensure you are selecting the right choice based on your particular needs. St. Petersburg has numerous options that provide their residents with the safety and comfort they desire.

What is the Reality of St. Petersburg Nursing Homes?

According to the sources;; Genworth Financial; and Genworth Cost of Care Survey Florida:

Florida seniors can expect to pay between $7,452 and $8,517 per month depending on if they stay in a semi-private or private room.

The daily rate for a private room will rise to $322 by 2026.

The price of a semi-private room will increase by at least three percent in the next five years.

78 nursing homes sit within 25 miles of St. Petersburg.

Concordia Manor is one of the much above average facilities in St. Petersburg.

How Long Does the Average Person Spend in a Home?

The average long-term stay is roughly three years. Women tend to stay longer than men because they live longer. You will often see more females in a nursing facility than males because of this phenomenon. Every situation is, of course, different, so it may not always be the case, but it is something to consider.

Most people believe nursing homes are only for the long-term living. Short-term options help people suffering from a chronic health issue. Some may stay for a few weeks or few months, depending on what they need help doing during their stay.

Transitional care is also common. You can stay for just a short time between you getting hurt and landing in the hospital to you going home. You will participate in physical therapy during this stage so you can regain your balance and coordination and ability to walk correctly on your own.

Respite care is another option. You do not have to stay for even a full day. Instead, you can come and go anytime your caregiver is away and you need a watchful eye during the day. A nurse may check your vitals or keep an eye on you to see if you remain in good health while you are in her care. You get to participate in activities, socialize with others, and enjoy a meal before you head home. You can also use this option if you want to try out the feel of the facility and see if it would be a good choice for long-term care.

What Services Do Nursing Homes Provide?

Personal care, such as toileting, bathing, and feeding often get offered in assisted living communities. Nursing homes provide these services as well, although they tend to focus more on the medical aspect. Nurses will administer medications, check vital signs, and offer wound care. They will also keep in contact with your doctor to determine the best course of action and let them know if a situation arises as soon as it does.

The therapy options are also part of the services offered. An on-site therapist has a room at the facility where they work with patients on improving balance and strength. You can use the equipment to get a better range of motion. An occupational and speech therapist may work with you directly in your room if this is a more comfortable setting. Flashcards are a valuable part of the process.

A nursing facility also offers meals. The on-site chef prepares all food and serves it to the residents. You usually get to choose from a few menu options, so you have a bit of variety. Some locations even have different cafes and restaurants available so you can switch things up regularly. Talk to your doctor about dietary restrictions and let the staff know what you will need to eat. They will accommodate anyone with a note from their doctor. Eating in the dining hall allows residents to socialize and enjoy some company. You also have the option of eating in your room if you are not feeling up to being around everyone.

What are the Costs Associated with Nursing Care?

There are high costs associated with nursing care. You can sell your home and have the cash to pay for a year or two of nursing care up front, or you can speak with your insurance company to determine how much they will cover. Medicare and Medicaid are two of the best options for seniors that offer short or long-term care plans. As long as you meet their qualifications, you should get a significant portion of your costs paid.

Expect to see an average price of about $102,200 per year from most nursing facilities. You do not just get a room while you stay at one of these locations. You also get all meals provided and have access to some of the best care in St. Petersburg. You can also enjoy the amenities on-site and have the opportunity to participate in various activities with other people. If the price seems too steep, consider a semi-private option. The price drops to around $89,425 per year.

What Should You Look for in a Nursing Home?

Each person will have their own idea of what the best nursing home entails. While one person may want a place that offers numerous activities on a daily basis, another may only desire a safe place to reside. You need to decide for yourself what you want and need in a living situation.

One of the primary qualities everyone should look for in a home is an option that is Medicare-certified. Use the Medicare website to find possibilities in St. Petersburg. You can compare between each choice by viewing the star ratings for staffing, quality, and inspections. Fifteen nearby locations prove to be well-above average, including North Rehabilitation Center, Apollo Health, and Rehabilitation Center, and Concordia Manor.

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