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St. Petersburg Hospice Care

A long and fulfilling life will have to come to close eventually.

We all have to face our final weeks or months and prepare ourselves and our families for what comes next.

Hospice service is a type of care intended for seniors nearing the end of their lives. Hospice service is made to give you the best level of care possible to keep your quality of life and provide relief from the emotional strain on your loved ones.

St. Petersburg seniors will receive hospice care in various settings:

In a hospital facility

In a nursing home community

In your family home

If you’ve been recently told that hospice service is something you need to think about, keep reading to learn about who offers hospice care, where to find the care you need, and how you can get it paid for.

Hospice Care Professionals in St. Petersburg

No matter where you get your hospice service provided or even if it’s part of the continuum of care in your senior residence community, the hospice team will consist of the same professionals.

Heading the hospice service team will be your doctor.

He will instruct the nurses and other vital members of the hospice team in the jobs needed to keep your comfort and dignity.

Your registered nurse will give drugs, take care of any chronic or acute conditions, keep track of your vital signs and carry out the doctor’s instructions.

Homemaker helpers and home health aides can assist with tasks such as helping to groom or bathe you, cooking/serving meals, providing meal assistance, and doing chores.

Your social worker can aid you and your loved ones by explaining what to expect, addressing your concerns, and advising you on how to resolve certain issues that may be present. Psychological counselors will be available to offer emotional support and make sure that you and your loved ones feel supported during this difficult period.

How to Find Hospice Care in St. Petersburg

The Hospice Palliative Care Organization is a good place to begin your search. They have a directory of hospice care providers in St. Petersburg and will assist you to find a quality care provider near you.

Try visiting to use their huge directory of customer-reviewed hospice care services in St. Petersburg. Eligible Louisiana veterans can get hospice care provided through the Veteran’s Administration.

Ask people you trust if they’re familiar with any hospice care services and see if they can recommend a hospice care provider near you. Also, your doctor will have a list of care providers that he’ll recommend to start your search.

Paying For St. Petersburg Hospice Care

Luckily for St. Petersburg seniors, almost all insurance will cover hospice care service. Medicare Part A includes hospice care as a covered medical service, and eligible veterans can have needed hospice service provided for free.

Low-income seniors in New Orleans can take advantage of hospice care services that charge according to a sliding scale; there are many ways to access the hospice services you and your family needs.

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