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St. Petersburg Funeral Homes

Funerals are already difficult to plan. You do not need a director who is attempting to lure you with tempting package deals that are less appealing than he makes them out to be. You have rights as a customer, as well as your own ideas of what makes a great funeral home. Think about those things before trying to find a location in St. Petersburg to help you handle the death of a loved one. You want to pick a place that you feel comfortable with and know they will indeed help you in this time of need.

What Rights Do You Have as a Customer?

Florida law does not require you to employ a funeral director when carrying out arrangements. A person in attendance during or after the death, such as a family member, may file the death certificate. This option is just one of your rights as a consumer set forth by state law. Federal laws also exist to ensure you have as smooth of a planning process as possible.

Some of those laws include:

The ability to purchase services or goods that you desire, and not part of a package deal.

The choice to obtain a written copy of all products and services and their associated prices.

The option to use an urn or casket from another facility and bring it to the parlor or your choosing.

The right to forgo embalming when the funeral takes place within 72 hours after its arrival at the funeral home.

What Makes an Ideal Funeral Home?

Everyone has a different idea of what the right funeral home entails. As long as it meets your needs, then it is the ideal choice for you. Start by thinking about price. Some places may look great, but do not offer affordable prices that meet your budget. You can use the compare prices tool from the FTC to help discover the most common options across the nation.

Florida’s Board of Funeral, Cemetery and Consumer Services offers a licensee search that helps you find out if the place you are considering is in fact licensed by the state. If a company you are considering does not make the list, it means it has not been approved for a license and should not be operating. You can search the business name and the city they are in to find out if they made the cut.

What Budget Should You Set?

Take a look back at the Federal Trade Commission’s price checklist to help yourself determine the right budget. You need to discover your needs and the services you desire before you can set the correct amount. Once you have some details established, you can come up with a pinpointed price that should meet your needs for the funeral. If you want further assistance, speak with a funeral director about his or her opinions. Ask what people commonly choose and why, and whether there are discounted options available that can save you money. Not having enough cash flow is the biggest reason why people cut back on funeral costs and pick things that may not be quite what they wanted initially.

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