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St. Petersburg Assisted Living

Making the switch from your current home to an assisted living facility is a significant change. You have to consider the costs, how your daily life will be different, finding the best place to make you comfortable, and how to pay for it all. The good news is that assisted living rates in St. Petersburg are more affordable than other locations in Florida. You can find a lifestyle that suits you for a low price. Take a look at what the St. Petersburg area has to offer before settling on your new digs.

What are the Costs of Assisted Living in St. Petersburg?

Consider all costs before making your move. You need to be sure you have enough money to cover the move before it happens. According to the Genworth Cost of Care Survey, the city of St. Petersburg sees more affordable assisted living prices than the remainder of Florida. You will pay an average of $3,000 per month when you move to a facility. The monthly amount adds up to $36,000 per year, much more affordable than paying for your own home.

You won’t always pay this $3,000 price. The costs vary between facilities, meaning you could spend more or less on the location you choose. The more amenities and features a place includes, the more you can expect to pay. Inspired Living at Ivy Ridge does not cost much more than the average location. Osprey Health Care Center, on the other hand, costs less with a typical price of less than $2,800 per month. Take a look at various options in the city before making your final decision. Just because a place is more expensive does not always mean it is right for you. You may feel more at home at one of the less expensive facilities.

What Expectations Should You Have for Daily Life?

Faith-based facilities provide regular worship, while luxury establishments focus on amenities that people desire. Some locations are pet-friendly and allow you to have a cat or dog in your room, but others do not allow pets at all because of the associated struggle. Daily life can look different depending on which type of location you’re choosing.

Some similarities make it easier to see what your life could be like at an assisted living facility. You typically eat your meals in a dining hall with others and participate in the daily activities offered. Rather than staying cooped up in your room all day, you can join others in the central living area to play a game of cards, watch some television, or simply have a conversation. Your family can also visit during visiting hours, so you have some people to keep you company.

Where Can You Find Assisted Living Options?

After determining the part of town you want to live, begin compiling a list of all possible assisted living options in St. Petersburg that meet this criteria. You can collect recommendations from friends, relatives, neighbors, and even acquaintances. Do everything you can to narrow your search and pinpoint the best locations in town.

Once you have narrowed down some communities, look at their online websites or the SeniorAdvisor site to see their reviews. Numerous people leave feedback regarding a place they’ve lived, detailing whether they had a positive or negative experience. Find a facility that is highly rated and sounds like it matches your idea of the right living space.

Various communities employ senior advisors to work with older adults on determining the ideal living situation. Some represent one assisted living community in particular, while others have insight on dozens of locations across the state. Listen to their advice and see what type of guidance they have to offer. They may have an inside look at what your favorite location makes for meals or offers for activities.

Be sure you understand what the fee includes before you make your decision. Some have amenities for an added cost. You don’t want to choose a location just to find out you have to pay more to get to use the features they present. Find a place that is all-inclusive, with a price that allows you to do and see anything in the vicinity.

Paying for Your Stay in St. Petersburg

It is easy to get overwhelmed with the pricing of assisted living. You see the high cost and think it will be impossible to pay that kind of money. The amount ends up being less than owning a home, as you do not have property taxes to pay, utility bills to worry about, maintenance projects to handle, and other related costs. If you sell your home to pay for the full amount, you no longer have to worry about other options. This is a common choice among seniors looking to move. If you do not have a home to sell, though, you will have to consider other possibilities.


The federal-state program for low-asset people, Medicaid, offers an ideal insurance option. Numerous assisted living communities in St. Petersburg and surrounding areas accept Medicaid payments. As long as you choose a facility that is Medicaid-certified, you can pick the place you want.

VA Aid and Attendance Pension

Veterans with a low income, as well as widows of veterans, might qualify for VA Aid and Attendance Pension. This compensation helps you pay for long-term care. Anyone who served at least one day during wartime can apply. Contact the St. Petersburg Regional Benefits Office to discuss your chances of getting approved with a worker. It sits at 9500 Bay Pines Blvd. Someone will help you fill out the application and file the forms if you are unaware of how to do so.

Now that you know what assisted living in St. Petersburg is like in general, you can make your decision or continue with your own research. The SeniorAdvisor website includes valuable information to help you make your choice. There you will find details regarding St. Petersburg neighborhoods, other options in the city, and award-winning care providers. Take a look and see what you discover.

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