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St. Petersburg Aging-in-Place

Living in Florida is full of sun and heat.  You probably enjoy your home and would like to stay there.  There are more services available to help seniors stay independent safely in their current homes. You can get help with daily chores, transportation, and errands. You can also hire home health aides if you need more medical attention such as regular vital checks, assistance with therapy, and medical device evaluations.

How to Pay for In-Home Care

You have a few options to be reimbursed for your in-home care costs, but first, you will need your doctor to confirm you require these services to live independently.  With written consent from your doctor, a long-term care insurance policy may pay for in-home care expenses. Low-income seniors may qualify for Medicaid to cover these costs.

Some seniors may qualify for assistance from Florida’s Home Care for the Elderly Program, which includes services such as home health aides, medical supplies, medications, and more.  Wartime veterans and their widows can apply for a VA Aid & Attendance pension to pay for home care costs.

What You Can Expect as Far as Costs

Your prices can vary depending on if you need to make any modifications to your home now or later and the number of services you need.  These costs could change periodically.  As your health changes, you may need to modify your home to make it easier to get around such as adding a wheelchair ramp or grab bars.

In 2016, the average US daily cost for in-home care was $122 for homemaker care and $125 for home health aide services, which would equal around $3,800 monthly. The median daily cost of in-home care in St. Petersburg is slightly less with an average of $119 a day for homemaking services and $125 for home health aides.  Taking the daily average would mean the cost would be between $3,600 - $3,800.

Searching for a Service

Take time to ask around for referrals and see if any of your friends, neighbors, or acquaintances have had good or even bad experiences, giving you a list of companies to call or not bother contacting.  Visit the West Florida Better Business Bureau (BBB) website to see the company’s ratings, reviews, and complaints.

Before deciding on a business find out about their licensing, insurance, training, and bonding. Ask how the company performs background checks on employees. You will want to get the payment and scheduling procedures in writing.  Read the contract before you sign or pay just to prevent any surprises.

Extra Help When Needed

Your homemaker service covers a lot of daily chores, but sometimes you need additional help or want to give your caregiver a break. You can find several websites that help you search for a variety of assistance.

For the times your pet needs care or exercise, you can search for local dog walkers and pet sitters. Post your small tasks or errands on Favor and TaskRabbit to find the best fit. and Amazon Home Services can help you find the right contractor or handyman for extensive renovations or small updates.  Be sure to do your research before hiring by asking numerous questions and reading online reviews.  

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