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St. Petersburg 55+ Communities

We don’t usually associate getting older with anything good, but there is one important perk we all get to take advantage of -- more free time.  

The kids have moved out and live their own lives now, you’ve retired and don’t have to deal with the daily grind of commuting, dealing with clients/customers, or worrying about getting ahead.  Reaching your senior years means being able to focus on yourself for a change.

Unfortunately, many of us are prisoners of our own homes.  Just because you're retired and the kids aren’t living with you anymore doesn’t mean that you can stop maintaining the house and doing chores. The usual daily routine of cooking and cleaning up will always be there as well.

Fortunately, St. Petersburg has a huge selection of 55+ communities where Florida seniors can enjoy a relaxing and fun lifestyle while being liberated from strenuous and monotonous household chores.  You have places like Inspired Living at Ivy Ridge and Osprey Health Care Center, which are both located right in St. Petersburg and within easy reach of the best of St. Petersburg.

Keep reading to learn about the advantages, perks, and specifics of 55+ community living in St. Petersburg.

What Does a St. Petersburg 55+ Residence Cost?

The median cost of care in the state of Florida for a 55+ community living is a little more than $3000 per month.  While this is considerably more than the cost of a comparably sized apartment in an age-inclusive community, it’s very reasonable when you consider the services and amenities that come with 55+ residence living.

On average, the cost of 55+ living in St. Petersburg is just a little more expensive than the state average at $3,350 per month.  Considering the beauty and convenience of St. Petersburg, living in a 55+ community here is a steal at that price.

The monthly rent will often come with features like:

Meal preparation

Housekeeping services

Community areas

Depending on what you want out of retirement community living, you’ll find it in St. Petersburg.

Paying for Your St. Petersburg 55+ Lifestyle

Unfortunately, seniors are on their own when it comes to financing the fabulous 55+ lifestyle in St. Petersburg.  Long-term care insurance will not cover living expenses for healthy and active seniors.  Medicaid isn’t an option either.  A healthy and able-bodied senior won’t find any programs to help defray the cost.

If you’re a veteran of the U.S. military, VA benefits of any sort won’t cover your 55+ community lifestyle expenses.  What can a senior do then?

As the most valuable asset you may own, your old family home could offer a solution.

By selling your home, you could realize enough money to finance senior residence living for many years to come.  But, what if you want to pass the property to your heirs?  What if the market is soft and you don’t want to settle for less than your asking price?

Florida seniors can rent the family home to tenants and realize a regular monthly income that can be combined with other sources of income to pay for a high-quality St. Petersburg senior community.

Things to Look At in St. Petersburg

Moving into a retirement community is a big change for most of us, so you need to consider the specifics carefully.  

Are you a pet owner?  Do you want to bring your animal companions with you to your new digs?  Research the most pet-friendly options you can find to ensure that you’ll not be separated.

Traffic and congestion are other concerns to look at; how close do you want to be to downtown?  How easy will it be for family and friends to visit you?

Senior residence communities can offer a broad range of lifestyles:

Hotel-style residence with a minimum of service beyond meals and routine housekeeping.

Resort-style living with a huge selection of amenities and services that make you feel like you’re on a perpetual vacation.

A spectrum of lifestyle choices in-between.

Consider how you want to live and what is most important to you at this point in your life when deciding which retirement community choices to investigate.

Basics of St. Petersburg 55+ Community Living

You need to find out what basic level of service is included with your monthly rental payment.  Different communities will include different rent inclusive perks that can help you decide which community offers the best value for your money.

You’ll find 55+ residences that include perks with your rent like:

Free electricity

Central air conditioning

Covered or indoor parking spots

The use of guest rooms for overnight visitors

Free Wi-Fi and cable

Ask the rental office of each place you’re considering for a comprehensive list of everything that is included with your monthly payment.

What About Perks?

Senior communities can have unique amenities available to residents that other places don’t.  You’ll find fun extras like movie theaters, barber and beauty shops, shopping areas and fully-equipped game rooms in the many retirement communities in the St. Petersburg area.  

Find out which communities offer the extras that could make a big difference in your quality of life, and find out which amenities are included with your rent and which are extra.

St. Petersburg Neighborhoods

St. Petersburg is a world-renowned tourist destination.  Therefore, your hometown will have its busy season that can make many areas more congested, making living a bit uncomfortable for you.  When you choose your new retirement home, carefully consider how living there may change with the tourist season, weather extremes, and other yearly changes.

What about the Future?

Aging is kind to no one.  In the long run, we’ll all lose our independence to varying degrees. When you choose your new retirement home, consider how the years will bring new physical and medical challenges that call for a greater level of care.

You can choose communities like Westminster Shores and Brentwood St. Petersburg where you can start out with independent living and gradually phase into greater levels of care and service as you need them.

Find assisted living in Saint Petersburg near you.