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Medicare in St. Petersburg

Many seniors retire to St. Petersburg which means many of them look for health care in the area. Many older adults rely on Medicare for their health needs, and in Pinellas County, over 214,000 people receive Medicare benefits. If you’re trying to learn more about benefits for yourself or a loved one, you can find most of the information you need through online or local resources.

What Does Medicare Cover?

Medicare can cover a broad range of services for seniors that are 65 or older. This federally funded program can also help those with disabilities and has four different parts.

Part A takes care of hospital stays and skilled nursing facilities. It can also cover hospice care and some in-home care services.

Part B takes care of doctor’s visits, outpatient services, medical equipment, and any preventative services.

Part C is known as the Medicare Advantage Plan. It allows private insurance companies to take care of Part A and B services while offering their own prescription coverage.

Part D adds prescription coverage to Original Medicare.

Medicare Facts in Pinellas County

72 is the average age of beneficiaries in the county.

Per capita costs are around $11,282 which is much higher than the national per capita of $9,501.

Women in the county use Medicare more than men. 55.2% are female, and 44.8% are male.

Of the 19 top chronic conditions for Medicare recipients, Pinellas County has the highest rates of high cholesterol, coronary heart disease, and chronic kidney disease.

Pinellas County spends the most Medicare money on inpatient care, evaluation and management and skilled nursing facilities.

Offices for Medicare Assistance in St. Petersburg

Florida is in Region 4 for Medicare, and the regional office is in Atlanta. You can find local help for Medicare, though, at the Social Security office. They handle all Social Security needs as well as Medicare assistance. You can file an appeal, apply for benefits, and get a Medicare card all in one spot.

St. Petersburg Social Security Office

30 Drive MLK Street South

St. Petersburg, FL 33701

(800) 772-1213

The office is on the corner of Central Avenue and MLK Street and the 9,18, and 97 buses all stop right across the street. The hours for the office are 9 am to 4 pm Monday through Friday, but on Wednesdays, they close at noon. Call before you go so you can schedule an appointment and cut down your wait time.

Medicare Services and Providers in St. Petersburg

If you need a doctor, nursing home, or another Medicare-approved service, you can find them on any one of the search tools they have. Physician Compare helps you locate nearby doctors based on their specialty. For instance, if you search geriatric medicine in the area, 22 results fit the criteria in a 10-mile radius.

You can refine your search to find doctors or practices that fit your specific needs. If you click on the name of each entry, you can find additional information about office location, board certifications, and hospital privileges.

Nursing Home Compare does the same thing for skilled nursing facilities in the area. You can look at overall ratings and health inspections for the 79 nursing homes within 25 miles of St. Petersburg. also has tools to find in-home health care, rehabilitative services, and more.

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