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Medicaid in St. Petersburg

As advanced as medical care has become, it’s no good if you can’t afford to access the latest treatments and services. Florida Medicaid is intended to ensure that the most vulnerable residents of the sunshine state will have equal access to top-notch care when they need it regardless of their ability to pay for it.

Seniors frequently are subsisting on fixed incomes and would be hard-pressed to finance the nursing and geriatric care that they require. Fortunately, Florida state Medicaid will help seniors aged 65 and older to cover the (often prohibitively) expensive specialty care that they need.

The majority of Florida nursing home residents are relying on Medicaid to cover all or part of the medical care that they need. But, Medicaid isn’t just for seniors.

Florida Medicaid makes it possible for broad categories of the state’s residents to access both critical and routine medical care. Florida Medicaid can help:

Pregnant women to get the pre and post-natal care that they need to have healthy babies.

Low-income families with children up to 18 years of age

Disabled Florida residents

If you feel that it’s time to ask for help paying for your medical care or know that you’re quickly approaching the point where you won’t be able to afford the care you need, continue reading and learn:

How to apply for Florida Medicaid

What medical services Medicaid can cover

Who qualifies to apply for Medicaid benefits

Transportation options to get to your pre-scheduled medical appointments

Qualifying for Medicaid in St. Petersburg

Visit the Florida Medicaid website and go through the prescreening guidelines to see if you meet the minimum requirements to apply to the program.

After you’ve done that, and you feel that you meet the minimum requirements, then proceed to the online application for Florida Medicaid and fill out the information to the best of your knowledge.

According to the Florida Medicaid homepage, you may qualify for Medicaid if:

You’re aged 65 years and older

You will be disabled for at least one year

You will need continuous medical care for at least 30 days

You’re under 18 years of age

You meet certain income requirements

Your family is low-income and you have children up to 18 years of age

Assistance with Your St. Petersburg Medicaid Application

If you need assistance in applying for Florida Medicaid, you can call 1-877-254-1055 and ask the representative for assistance. If you don’t have access to a computer with internet, you can ask for the location of the closest office and get help there.

What Does St. Petersburg Medicaid Cover?

Florida Medicaid is a comprehensive program that will cover all necessary medical care, both routine and critical. All surgery, diagnostic tests, rehabilitation services, and prescription drugs will be paid by the program.

Transportation to St. Petersburg Medical Appointments

If you are financially unable to pay for round-trip transportation to your pre-scheduled medical appointments, Florida Medicaid will reimburse you or your transportation provider directly.

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