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Senior Movers and Downsizing Services

Senior Move Managers ® are professionals who work with older adults and their families to guide them through the all aspects of relocation and/or aging in place. For individuals who have not moved in 30, 40 or 50 years, the process of downsizing and moving can be emotionally overwhelming, and physically demanding. Senior Move Managers provide all the necessary services to help older adults and their families downsize to relocate to new environments, or to safely remain in the home.

Senior Move Managers are members of the National Association of Senior Move Managers and are required to carry insurance, take courses in ethics, safety and risk management and are vetted for experience.

View a glossary of senior moving and downsizing industry terms.

How much does Senior Move Management cost?

The cost for Senior Move Managers can vary widely from one senior to the next. Many older adults have not relocated from their current homes in over 30 years and may have a plethora of things that need to be sorted through. Others may have hoarding issues that can make it difficult to whittle down even seemingly insignificant items.

Some companies charge by the hour while others charge by the project. The senior’s current geographic location, the types of services required, and the distance to the new home are also factors affecting the cost with moving services.

Getting an Estimate

Senior Move Managers can help in providing an overall estimate of costs associated with your loved one’s move and curtailing some common missteps of moving themselves on their own. Will your loved one need help in reducing their belongings significantly? Will they need to relocate across town or across the country? Do they have expensive furniture or antique items that need additional insurance during the move? Are some boxes going to be mailed to family members or placed in a storage facility? Will your loved one need assistance in selling their current home?

It is important to get an outline of what specific tasks the Senior Move Manager or downsizing service will provide as well as an estimate in writing. Senior Move Managers should provide you with a contract outlining estimated charges.

The Best Time to Move

The cheapest months to move are October to April. Moving on a weekday is more affordable than moving on a weekend. The family members or client involved in the transition process are responsible for paying for the moving and downsizing services. The best time to plan for a move is before your loved one needs to move. If you haven’t already, go over your loved one’s financial situation to determine the next best course of action and begin to plan for the next transition.

Here is some more information on the cost of senior moving and downsizing services:

  • Most companies charge by the hour
  • Some charge a flat rate for the service package
  • Rates range from $30 to $125 per hour across the nation
  • 43% of senior moves take between 17-32 hours to complete
  • A single room typically costs less than $2,000 to move
  • 2-3 bedrooms typically cost $2,500 to $4,000 to move
  • Downsizing services vary based on the services required
What services are provided by Senior Move Managers?

Senior Move Management is a rapidly growing niche in the moving industry. Due to the increasing numbers of Baby Boomers who are starting to retire and seek out alternative active adult living situations as well as the G.I. generation who are no longer able to keep up their homes, these services help fill a widening gap.

Who Uses Senior Moving and Downsizing Services?

According to the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM), people aged 65 and up will account for 20% of the U.S. population by 2030. Due to an array of challenges rising from today’s modern world, families may no longer be the first line of contact in relocating a senior. In fact, NASMM reported that over 50% of clients who contacted the non-profit regarding moving were calling for themselves while only 30% were calling for their loved ones.

Families may live in other states and be too far to help. Some families may have career obligations and be unable to take the extra time off of work. Other seniors may not have any surviving children. In some cases, the move may come as a sudden result of an illness that cannot be treated at home or even death of a spouse.

According to NASMM, a staggering 51% of clients contact a senior mover only 2-4 weeks in advance of a move which indicates loved ones and their family members are grossly unprepared or underprepared to handle a drastic change in living accommodations. Only 34% of clients make contact 1-6 months before a move.

Senior Move Managers may offer a combination of the following services:
  • Developing an overall move plan
  • Organizing, sorting, and downsizing services
  • Customized floor plans to fit the client's needs and wishes
  • Move coordination/oversight - before, during, and after the move
  • Interviewing, scheduling, and overseeing movers
  • Local and long distance moving
  • House de-cluttering services
  • Professional packing
  • Junk removal
  • In-depth handling of the client’s estate sale and donations to charities
  • Shipping heirlooms to family members
  • Arranging for storage services
  • Unpacking and setting up the new home
  • Connecting the client with realtors who specialize in selling homes for seniors
  • Cleaning and staging the property to be sold

Senior Move Managers ® can help with the above as well as creating an “aging in place” plan to help organize the current living space so that the loved one may stay in their home for as long as possible. These specialists provide assistance to the senior and involved family members in preparing the individual mentally and emotionally for the transition ahead.

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