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Social Security for Seattle Seniors

Seniors in Seattle usually require social security benefits to make ends meet. They are no longer receiving income from working, and must now obtain benefits from the state to pay bills and other necessary expenses. While not every individual receives social security, it is important for every senior to try to get it. The application process is long and takes time for approval, but it is worth it to have that peace of mind knowing some money is coming in to help pay for expenses. Visit a local office or check out the online website to learn more.

Social Security Offices Available in Seattle

Multiple social security offices are available in Seattle. They are located at:

915 2nd Ave #901, in the Central Business District

13510 Aurora Ave N B, near Haller Lake

300 5th Ave #500, downtown

Each of the three offices provides fully equipped facilities with employees who have the vast knowledge of social security and its application process. Any seniors who visit any of these facilities will receive adequate services.

Every social security office uses the same toll-free number. Seniors hoping to speak to a representative before attempting to obtain services should call the number and ask any questions they have regarding the application process. The number to reach is (800) 772-1213. Calls get answered during extended business hours between Monday and Friday, from 7 am in the morning until 7 pm.

Senior Social Security Services

Five critical services complete the list of options available from an in-person facility. Requesting a new social security card makes the top of the list, as it is the most requested feature. Seniors and many others find it easy to lose these paper cards, requiring them to get a new copy for their records. The process for obtaining a card is quick, only requiring a birth certificate, name, address, and ID. The issuer provides a receipt of the transaction and sends the new copy to you in the mail within two weeks.

Other top options include applying for services. There are several different applications to note, including one for social security, one for retirement, one for disability, and one for spouse’s benefits. Each application requires much of the same documentation but asks several different questions related to why the benefits are needed. Personal identifying documents are of course required, along with mortgage agreements, pay stubs, and marriage information. It is best to bring all documents with you to the office so you can submit your application as soon as possible.

A fifth service option includes obtaining a replacement Medicare card. The process is similar to getting a social security card, although you may have to prove your benefits first. A replacement card also gets sent in the mail. You should have it within a few weeks.

Social Security Tools Online

All of the same services offered at a facility are offered online. The most important social security tool is the account registration option. Registering for an account allows you to have access to all of your information. You can also complete additional services faster since your personal data is already included in the account.

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