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Seattle Volunteer Opportunities for Seniors

Retirement is the best time for Seattle seniors to give back to the city that has given them so much.  Rather than spend your golden years living a perpetual weekend, seniors can make new friends and positively impact the lives of many others.

From education, science, horticulture and even zoology, Seattle seniors have amazing volunteer roles they can fulfill.

Keep reading to learn about the volunteer opportunities available for Seattle seniors.

The Seattle Animal Shelter

The Seattle Animal Shelter needs seniors willing to devote their time and talent to helping abandoned and abused Seattle companion animals.

Shelter volunteers are needed to exercise and socialize shelter animals to prepare them for new homes.  Feeding animals and cleaning the enclosures is a massive undertaking that demands many hours of labor that you can help provide.

Kittens and puppies that are too young to be adopted need foster homes where they can be cared for until they’re ready to be offered for adoption in the Shelter.

The Woodland Park Zoo

The Woodland Park Zoo is a fantastic place for Seattle seniors who love being around and learning about exotic animals.  

Seniors make competent tour guides who can make visitor’s experiences memorable and educational.  The Zoo is a brilliant place for seniors with an interest in zoology; you can help maintain and repair animal habitats, or prepare meals for exotic species, and even assist veterinarians when they provide routine veterinary care.

Seniors who love being around children will enjoy helping out in the petting zoo.  Make a child’s visit magical by volunteering as a petting zoo aid.

Seattle Public Schools Need Help

Seattle Public School volunteers are a critical component in the education of Seattle’s young children.  There is a particular need for academically minded seniors willing to provide tutoring in a wide range of subjects.

Volunteer classroom aides make a difference in young lives every day as they provide much-needed assistance that will allow teachers to provide effective instruction in a learning optimized environment.

Cafeteria volunteers will help Seattle Public Schools provide nutritional meals served in a relaxing environment.  As kitchen staff, lunchroom monitors and playground supervisors, Seattle seniors will make a child’s school day truly great.

Seattle Library Volunteer

The Seattle Public Library needs seniors willing to help them in their important mission.  The Library is a central location where our new Americans, coming from all over the world, will find help learning English, accessing information about vital social programs, and learning about all that Seattle has to offer them.

Seattle seniors provide help at the front desk.  You can be the public face of the Library, and help people check out books, find reference materials, and find out the resources available to them.

If you’re a hands-on senior, the Library needs help repairing damaged books so they can go back into circulation.

Find an Opportunity that Fits You

Seattle has a wealth of volunteer opportunities for seniors.  Whatever your passion, you’ll find an organization that will gladly welcome your help.

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