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Seattle Veterans Benefits

Seattle has a proud tradition of providing some of the best military personnel this country has ever seen. Seattle vets have served with honor for much of our great nation’s history.

Vets are provided a comprehensive list of benefits after they leave government service. These are benefits that they have both earned and deserve. Unfortunately, it’s difficult at times for vets to discover the right programs or services that they need. The system can be very complicated to navigate for many people.

Fortunately, there are many resources available to Seattle vets that will help them find and access the programs that they need most. Keep reading to learn about some of the resources and actual benefits programs available to Seattle vets.

Seattle VA Health Resources

One of the most important benefits that Seattle vets are provided is medical care.

Serving in the U.S. military in almost any capacity can result in various types of medical problems; chronic, acute, or psychiatric. The Veterans Administration health services are invaluable for vets who suffer from illness, conditions, or injuries that require immediate attention.

Visit the Veterans Health Administration website to find out what sort of help you can qualify for. Senior aged vets will benefit from:

A plethora of geriatric services to ameliorate the problems associated with aging.

Diabetes treatment and dietary counseling.

Smoking cessation programs.

Chronic and acute cardiac care.

Psychological counseling and substance abuse treatment.

Seattle Vet Mental Health

Many of our veterans return with no obvious physical injuries but still suffer. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and many other emotional and psychiatric issues can be brought on by serving in highly stressful circumstances.

VA Healthcare Mental Health is where vets can find the resources that will help them get back on track. Depending on your problem, VA Mental Health will get you the professional care that it takes to treat you effectively.

The caregivers, friends, and family members of vets suffering psychological problems can call and find help for them using the Coaching into Care program. The program is a national telephone helpline which educates, supports, and empowers the people who are seeking care and services for a veteran.

National Resource Directory

The National Resource Directory is an incredible resource for veterans who are looking for any of a plethora of service and aid options. Visit the National Resource Directory to discover where you can get help with employment, housing, educational assistance and special local programs for qualifying U.S. veterans.

Seattle Veteran Employment

My Next Move is an organization that prides itself as a job search resource for Seattle veterans. Using My Next Move, vets can search for jobs related to their prior military occupational specialty, their geographic regions of preference, or their education levels.

Returning to civilian life after military service can be tough when you haven’t looked for a job in the years that you served. My Next Move will do their best to make it easier for our proud vets.

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