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Seattle Senior Living

Seniors reach a certain point where deciding which facility to live in or which services to obtain at home prove necessary. These choices create difficult decisions for many elderly citizens who never had to deal with these issues previous to this advanced aging stage of life. The right thing is not the same for everyone and requires careful consideration.

Senior Living Costs in Seattle

Seattle far surpasses the median prices in the U.S when it comes to senior living costs. The Genworth Cost of Care Survey indicates a $60,000 per year rate for an assisted living facility with one room occupancy. The average price in other U.S. cities reaches just over $43,000. Adult day health care rates go by daily values. It costs $63 per day to utilize this service. The price racks up to an average of $16,250 per year. It is a lesser price than the U.S. average of $17,904 for the same offerings. Homemaker services cost much more, reaching nearly $63,000 for the entire year. Similar totals show for home health aide options. The prices vary depending on services provided and the extent of care required.

Senior Living Options in Seattle

A plethora of senior living options creates choices in Seattle. Nursing homes no longer offer the only solace to the elderly. Assisted living, independent living, home health aides, adult day programs and more generate a surplus of picks that allow each person to find their best option.

Home and Community Service Options

Several home options provide the chance for seniors to receive care in their homes. Community service choices also allow people to remain at home while attending the daycare options nearby as needed. Home Options - The two standard home options in Seattle are homemaker services and home health aides. Home health aides regularly come to check vital signs and assist with physical therapy needs. Homemakers provide cleaning services, companionship, and meal preparation. While some services overlap, the two most differ in the level of health care provided. Synergy HomeCare has each option available. Community Service Choices - Adult day care is the primary community service option available. Seniors may attend the program each day necessary and receive lunch, companionship, exercise, and games. Activities provide a way to keep people engaged while fitness offerings ensure seniors remain active. Full Life Care is one adult day care option in the area. Respite care is the common name for their service, offering care options during the day so caregivers may have time away as needed.

Asking the Right Questions About In-Home and Community Services

It is necessary for seniors to ask the right questions to best determine which in-home and community services they should utilize. Do you provide health care and homemaker services? Do your employees undergo training before beginning job duties? Do your workers go through background checks? Do you maintain a license through the state? Do you offer transportation?

Assisted Living Communities and Nursing Homes in Seattle

Numerous assisted living communities and nursing homes occupy Seattle. Nursing homes provide advanced care options while assisted living communities focus on the independence of seniors hoping to maintain an active lifestyle. All the possibilities are valid depending on who they are for and what extensive services they require over the course of their stay. Assisted Living - Queen Anne Manor provides one assisted living option in Seattle. Residents choose between a studio or one-bedroom apartment. The quiet neighborhood offers solace from the hustle and bustle of life, while residents have fast access to the best parts of the city so they can explore the area. Nursing Homes - Ida Culver House Broadway offers a nursing home atmosphere. Residents receive regular care and have the option of a private site or studio. Seniors may attend special outings, so they do not remain completely cooped up inside but are instead encouraged to go together to make the outing more enjoyable and safer for all. Independent Living - Assisted living allows independence, but not as much as an actual independent living facility. Facilities of this nature require total self-reliance from the residents. They handle all housekeeping services and personal care on their own without the need of additional assistance.

Asking the Right Questions About Assisted Living and Nursing Care

With multiple options available, seniors need to ask the right questions before deciding on the final choice. Is a continuum of care available? Do you provide additional services beyond what is included in the monthly fee? Do you allow residents to utilize their own concierge services? Do you offer laundry service?

Finding Ways to Pay for Seattle Senior Living Care

Various ways exist to pay for Seattle senior living care. Insurance proves the best option, providing payments for a portion of the costs. Most insurance plans, such as through Medicare, pay for up to 100 days of staying in a facility. Different medical conditions play a part in determining how much or how little help a person receives via their federally-funded insurance plan.

Major Events and Volunteer Work in Seattle

Many events keep seniors busy in Seattle. Volunteer work also fills many seniors’ schedules. Festivals bring something fun year-round. The World’s Quickest Theatre Festival, The Northwest Flower & Garden Show, Arcade Lights, the Northwest Folklife Festival and much more provide a chance for seniors to enjoy the atmosphere and partake in some new activities. ElderFriends provides one volunteer opportunity for seniors and others. Together people in this program enjoy activities and receive companionship. The Retired & Senior Volunteer Program also takes volunteers. Each person is assigned a job based on their interests and desires. More than 700 volunteers already work through this program with many more spots available for upcoming activities. This Seattle senior roundup should provide the answers you need to get started looking for the right home for you. Check out our full list of Seattle guides for further information on assisted living, respite care, and additional options in the city.

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