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Seattle Respite Care and Adult Day Care

The perfect way for most people to age is at home with an adult caregiver. Thankfully, when those caregivers have to hold down a day job outside of the house or need time to take care of their own needs, there are adult day care programs to provide hot meals, health supervision, and social activities. Plus, working family caregivers can rest easy knowing they are not leaving their loved one home alone during the day. Here is your beginner’s guide to adult day care centers in Seattle.

Why Choose Adult Day Care and Respite Care Centers?

Day care for adults is usually a drop-off program for golden-agers and other people with special needs that necessitate daily assistance. Older adults get transportation to and from the center, which may be located in a senior living campus, church hall, community center, or other settings. Care is generally available Monday through Friday (except for holidays) during standard work hours, though some facilities have extended hours. You can choose to have your family member go every day of the week, or you can use the services a couple of days per week or when a caregiver is on vacation or ill.

All adult day programs offer hot lunch, and you can also find some that serve breakfast along with healthy snacks. Nursing staff members help older adults with toileting and other personal needs, oversee medication and monitoring schedules, and make sure participants stay hydrated during the day. There are some day care services specifically catering to Alzheimer’s patients.

Social outlets often include music therapy, field trips, adaptive exercise programs, visits from friendly therapy animals, card and board games, and gardening and other outside activities. In Washington, the Aging and Long-Term Support Administration (ALTSA) oversees day activity and health services programs.

Where to Get Adult Day Care in Seattle

There are more than a dozen adult day services in the city of Seattle. Additionally, there are much more nearby. Start your search by looking at adult day care programs that are close to your home or place of employment. Depending on your location, the most convenient centers may be:

Elder & Adult Day Services located east of Seattle in Bellevue


Northshore Senior Center found north of Seattle in Bothell


Magnolia Adult Day Center right next to the West Magnolia Playfield in the Magnolia neighborhood


Full Life Care with locations on 17th Avenue and Ravenna Avenue Northeast in Seattle


Mindas Adult Family Home situated near the Brighton and Rainier Valley neighborhoods

Talk to your loved one’s physician or therapists for referrals.

How Much Do Adult Day Services Cost and How Do You Pay for It?

In the Seattle area, the median daily rate for adult day health care is $63, which is less than half the daily rate for assisted living facilities and much less than half the full daily cost for home health care. Long-term care insurance typically covers adult day services when it is necessary for medical or cognitive issues. Seniors with limited funds may qualify for programs approved by the VA or Medicaid.

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