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Seattle Rehab Centers

Nursing homes are not just where older adults go when they need daily assistance. Some people in need of rehabilitation services stay at nursing homes for a short time while they receive treatment. Assisted living communities and other establishments of this nature offer speech, physical, and occupational therapy options to provide seniors with the care they need during a difficult time.

What to Expect from Rehab

The question of what to expect from rehab warrants a different answer for everyone. You may receive physical therapy sessions to improve your strength and balance while another person gets occupational therapy to relearn daily tasks. The uniformity between all cases is the initial assessment. The first part of the process for everybody is to receive an assessment that determines what skills you need to work on during your sessions. The evaluation lets your therapist see what areas you genuinely struggle with the most so they can put a plan in place to get you back on track.

Where to Go for Rehab

Well-rated in Seattle, Ballard Care and Rehabilitation provides a gym room filled with equipment. Family members are encouraged to sit in on sessions and visit with their loved ones to help offer support. Both short and long-term care options are available through Ballard. Ida Culver House Broadview offers another high rating based on residents past and present. There are 245 residences for those who stay long-term, and an additional 74 beds within the skilled nursing health care center. After therapy, you can enjoy the many amenities and activities on-site. Speech-language pathologists work with stroke victims while occupational therapists help people ready to return home get used to handling daily tasks.

Features of the Ideal Rehab Center

Rehab centers are the most ideal when they contain numerous exercise options. A facility with a mini stair replica, gym equipment, exercise ball, treadmill, and seating area provides everything patients need to improve their strength and stamina. The establishment should be well-rated and have state certification. You also want to choose a location that accepts Medicaid and Medicare, if you have coverage. A friendly staff is also a bonus.

Paying for Care

When you look into paying for rehab, you will find that your insurance is your biggest help. They will usually cover at least a portion of the costs, so you do not have to handle the full expense. Look into Medicare first if you have this type of insurance. Medicare Part A handles short-term stays at a nursing facility when you need therapy services. While you have to meet their restrictions first, they will eventually make a payout for your care, if you qualify. Long-term care insurance is another option. You get this from a private agency after paying into your policy. If you have one, talk to your provider to determine how much coverage you have. There may only be enough benefits for a few weeks or a few months, depending on what you paid in so far.

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