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Seattle Neighborhood Guide

More than 652,000 residents already call Seattle home. The city contains numerous neighborhoods that have their own set of amenities and special offerings that bring people to the area and make them want to stay. Seattle is also known as the birthplace of Starbucks since it got its start here.

Exclusive Neighborhoods in Seattle

Earning an 87 on the livability scale, Laurelhurst ranks as Seattle’s number one neighborhood. It holds the number two spot in all of Washington. The crime rate earns a B thanks to the area experiencing a 60 percent lesser amount of crime than the rest of Seattle. It also gets a B for the weather with a summer temperature of 62 degrees.

Bryant also proves exceptionally livable with a score of 84. The median home value earns an A+ with a price that is 24 percent higher than other Seattle locations. Bryant is also popular because of its amenity offerings. Fitness is a primary concern, with multiple fitness locations available in the area, including Sound Strength & Conditioning and OMTown Yoga. Multiple bus stations exist throughout Bryant that allow residents to get easily from one place to another.

Best Seattle Neighborhoods for Seniors

Wallingford works well for older adults due to its quaint atmosphere and walkable area. Elders who want to get out and explore the area do not have to get in their cars to do so. They can exercise their legs and get some fresh air by walking from one location to the next. It offers a small town vibe with the perks of a big city thanks to the amenities downtown such as the theater, restaurants, and shopping spaces.

Trees fill the Queen Anne area, making it an ideal place to live for seniors looking for a quiet place. Numerous cultural activities also take place nearby, including theater performances, ballet, and even film festivals. Mansions, single family homes, and apartments all provide housing options in the vicinity, with some closer to the city and others spread between the trees that fill the scope of the neighborhood.

Locating the Best Neighborhood for You

Locating the best neighborhood for you may involve a different process than someone else discovering their best community. Each person has their own ideas regarding the right place to live. You are not only choosing a new location to live but a final place to settle down in your old age. Making the right choice is imperative to ensure you love the place you live and you can lead a happy life for the remainder of your days.

Think about the specifications you require in a neighborhood. Is it safe? Are the neighbors friendly? Are pets allowed? These are just a few of the questions you should ask regarding the community to ensure it meets your criteria. Never settle for less than what you truly desire.

Seattle Magazine lists Ballard, Burien, and Greenwood/Phinney as three of the best neighborhoods in Seattle. Other options are Capitol Hill, Columbia City, and West Seattle. Consider the already-mentioned recommendations or check out these choices to find the community that feels right to you.

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