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Seattle Hospice Care

After a long and enjoyable old age, we all must face the eventual end of our lives. While the final weeks before death can be emotionally draining on our loved ones, hospice care services can help make the experience less traumatic.

Seattle seniors don’t have to face the inevitable end of their lives alone. You and your family have access to some of the best hospice care services to help with medical care, homemaker assistance and a plethora of other services that will let you all focus on spending invaluable time together.

Hospice care will help keep you pain-free and comfortable while ensuring that you and your family have the support you need to get through this difficult period.

Seattle seniors who have been told by their doctors that it’s time to look at hospice care will learn who provides hospice care in Seattle, where to find the care you need, and how you can easily afford it.

The People Who Help You

The most basic assistance will be provided by homemaker or home health aides that will help with important daily tasks so you can spend more time with family. Your aides will run errands, help with bathing and grooming, do household chores and prepare meals, and lend a helping hand where it’s needed.

Social workers and counselors will provide emotional support and important advice regarding the hospice care process. You and your family will have a sympathetic ear and someone who will offer pragmatic advice when you need it.

Nurses will help maintain your quality of life by treating your chronic or acute medical conditions per doctor’s instructions. They will administer medications according to schedule and monitor your vitals to ensure that your doctor has the information he needs to serve you best.

Your doctor is the leader of your hospice care team and will do his best to treat you in a manner that will maintain your comfort and dignity at the highest level during the hospice period.

Where to Find Hospice Care in Seattle

Your physician will have a list of hospice care services that he’s worked with before, but there are many other resources to find important hospice care information. is a valuable resource for Seattle seniors who want a directory of patient-reviewed hospice care services in the Seattle area.

The Washington State Hospice & Palliative Organization (WSHPCO) provides information and referral services for Seattle seniors who need to find the best hospice care service providers for their needs.

U.S. veterans can go to the Washington State Veteran’s Administration to find VA health care provided hospice services near them.

Paying for Seattle Hospice Care

Seattle seniors can have the hospice care covered by Medicare part A, and Seattle veterans can see if they’re eligible for free VA health care system hospice care.

Most private insurance policies will cover hospice care services as well, and low-income seniors can easily find a hospice care provider who charges on a sliding scale.

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