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Seattle Funeral Homes

Hiring a good funeral home can help you mourn as you create the best service to honor your loved one’s life. You can create the best package, but beware that funeral homes need to make money too. Making decisions about a funeral after you lose someone can be hard and put you in an emotional state. Make sure you compare multiple funeral homes’ prices and services. Determine your budget ahead of time and try to stick to it. Be certain you select a funeral home that meets your needs and budget.

You have rights

Funeral homes are required to give you a list of prices for their services either in writing or over the phone when you call. The Federal Trade Commission law states funeral homes have to offer services that are not in a package deal. By law, the funeral home will need to provide a comprehensive price list of all the products and services you selected before the funeral takes place.

By law, you are:

Allowed to choose a different burial container other than a casket for cremation no matter where you reside.

Entitled to a detailed list of all the prices of products and services you chose in your funeral plan.

Select a casket or urn bought at a different location to use for the burial.

Decline to use embalming services. It’s federal law that the funeral home needs either your spoken or written consent before beginning the embalming process.

Some funeral homes will display their General Price List directly on their website, such as Haven of Rest. Caskets range in price, and several funeral homes will just list a range such as $500-$10,000. Some companies, such as American Cremation Funeral Home, show caskets available and the price. People’s Memorial Association provides online information for planning a funeral and consists of various member funeral homes throughout Seattle.

How to choose a funeral home

It’s easiest to prepare for a funeral before you need services, or pre-plan, which is not always possible. Ask around for referrals from family, friends, co-workers, or neighbors. Search for online reviews for honest feedback. You can also Search the Seattle-area Better Business Bureau website for BBB-accredited funeral homes. If you want to look up a funeral home’s license, you can visit the Washington State Department of Licensing’s website. You can also view any disciplinary actions.

Decide on a few funeral homes and begin comparing their prices and services. Be sure to get the General Price List either in person or on the phone. You should also request a complete list of prices for caskets or cremation containers. When beginning your planning, the Federal Trade Commission offers a Funeral Pricing Checklist that provides insight to help you come up with questions.

Spending what you want

It’s hard not to get wrapped up in getting your loved one the best of everything, but you don’t want to hurt yourself financially. Make a list of services that are important to you to honor your loved one. Know your budget before you visit funeral homes and be upfront on what you want to spend. People’s Memorial Association also has valuable information on how to plan a budget-friendly funeral.

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