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Seattle Financial Advisors

A professional who specializes in finance is the best person to talk to about monetary needs. Whether you need to invest money now so you can save for your future, or you want to start planning your retirement fund, it is best to speak with a financial advisor about these desires. There are numerous financial consultants in the Seattle area that you can work with if you wish. It just takes finding the right one to meet your needs best.

Working with a Financial Advisor

You should start working with a financial advisor now. It is never ideal to wait, as many expenses could creep up before you expect. Seniors are in particular need of financial guidance, as they need to know where to invest their money to ensure it makes a positive growth. Health care and living arrangements are much more expensive than one could realize, so you need to be sure you speak with a consultant as soon as possible and get started on saving toward these costs.

Finding a Financial Advisor

Find a financial consultant by doing an online search. Various websites exist that allow you to locate financial professionals in the Seattle area, including the Better Business Bureau. The Northwest BBB features financial solutions from all over the Washington area. Multiple locations exist in Seattle alone, including Empirical Wealth Management, Washington Trust Bank, and American Financial Solutions.

The National Association of Personal Finance also allows you to search in your particular city for financial advisor options. Numerous locations exist in Seattle. The website features some of the more popular options and provides their telephone numbers for you to reach out and contact the companies on your own. Blue Canoe Financial Planning, 2020 Financial Planning, SoundView Advisors, and Belmore Financial are just a few of the possibilities.

You can also use the CFP Board website to conduct a search. Results show you a list of board-certified individuals, detailing which location each professional works. Aaron McFarland works through Moss Adams Wealth Advisors, while Lani E Dalrymple works for Wells Fargo Bank. You can find the full contact information for each person near their name, including telephone numbers, addresses, and websites.

Selecting the Best Advisor for You

The best financial advisor for you is going to prove different than the best one for someone else. You need to set your specific criteria and find a match that most closely meets what you are looking for in a financial consultant. There are several ways you can specify what you need, including pinpointing the language you want your advisor to speak, the minimum amount you have to invest, and even the location of where the professional works in proximity to your home.

Each of the websites you can use to find a professional in the first place can also be used to narrow search results and find the best person in general to meet your needs. Look at the data provided and determine which results meet your criteria best. Once you have a few top choices, it is wise to meet with each one to gain a better feel for how they will treat you and how comfortable you are with them.

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