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Seattle Assisted Living

For some people, it becomes easier to give up the old family home for an assisted living facility. The stress of home maintenance, routine daily chores, and the inevitable decline in physical and mental ability that comes with age can necessitate this big move.

Naturally, you’ll want to find out everything you can before deciding on the right senior living community for you. A major concern for most people will be the question of financing the assisted living lifestyle, as well as just how daily life may differ from what they’re used to.

Seattle, Washington is a great place for seniors to find the best that assisted living has to offer. You’ll find a broad range of amenities, services and of course, some amazing Seattle neighborhoods to pick from.

Let’s take a look at the important facts about Seattle assisted living facilities, how you might finance your new lifestyle and important things to look for and ask about before you decide on your new home.

How Much Will Assisted Living in Seattle Cost?

With all the wonders that Seattle has to offer seniors in the Pacific Northwest, it’s no wonder that the cost of Seattle senior care is higher than the national average. While the national average cost of assisted living is approximately $3600 per month, Seattle seniors will pay around $4500 monthly.

Bear in mind that this is the average cost, and prices for care will vary widely depending on locality, services, amenities, and level of medical care available on site.

SeniorAdvisor has many different facilities listed for the Seattle area, with accommodations, services, and care levels that will vary from basic to luxurious, with a concomitant difference in monthly cost. You can choose from facilities like Queen Anne Manor, with its beautiful hotel-style accommodations to The Lakeshore, where you’ll enjoy a laid-back suburban home feel.

What You Can Expect in Seattle Assisted Living

There are assisted living facilities that emphasize different amenities and benefits, enough to provide the perfect senior community for almost everybody. If you need a community that will accept your pet and provide a welcoming environment for you both; you’ll find it. If socializing in a fun environment is important to your quality of life, then you’ll easily find communities with the activities and spaces that will keep you engaged. Take a look at places like Daystar Retirement Village with its wonderful array of lifestyle choices, or Terraces at Skyline at First Hill for a real idea of the range that is available to seniors who are looking for quality assisted living communities. The Seattle area has something for everybody, and you’ll have a hard time choosing from the great 55+ communities that this wonderful city has to offer. No matter what you consider important in a new senior community, once you’ve decided on what you want, you’ll need to assemble a “short-list” of your best options and begin to whittle it down to your final choice.

How Will You find an Assisted Living Community in Seattle

You’ve seen the great senior living options in Seattle and made your list of possibilities. To decide on your best option in assisted living, you’ll need to begin your research in earnest. You can start by searching the internet for reviews from current residents (and their families) of senior living accommodations. Websites like have comprehensive listings of senior communities all across the U.S., with helpful reviews from people who have real-world experience living there. A great way to learn more about a senior residence facility that you’re considering is to ask current residents in person. You should visit every assisted living community on your list and see how happy people are there, and find out what they think of the quality of care they receive. Here are some important questions that you’ll want to ask: Exactly what amenities and services are included in the monthly payment. Are there any extra services or facilities that must be paid for separately on a monthly or per use basis? Ask to see a sample menu if the residence provides meals, and look at the dining facilities. Ask if you can have a meal with the residents, so you can decide for yourself just what the quality of food service is. Find out what activities are available to residents onsite, and if there are regular day trips to fun and interesting places. Find out everything you can about the medical care provided onsite (if any). You will have questions that are pertinent to your situation as well; list them all, so you don’t forget.

Financing Your Assisted Living Residence

Inescapably, you will have to have the resources to finance your assisted living accommodation. While this can be an unpleasant subject for many people, it’s essential to consider and plan for.

Many seniors are homeowners and have paid their mortgages off long ago. For these seniors, the old family home represents a ready source of money to pay for the years of senior community living they’ll need. A home-owner has several options to use their home to pay for senior care:

A reverse mortgage can provide years of stable, monthly income that will defer the costs of senior care.

Selling the home will provide a large lump sum payment that can last through years of senior community living.

Renting out the old home will also provide a stable source of monthly income, albeit with the accompanying responsibilities that are part of being a landlord.

However, what if you don’t own your home? What if you’re a senior with few or no assets?

In Washington State, low-income seniors will still have a monthly Social Security benefit paid out, and federally funded Medicaid can cover senior facility costs for nursing home residents. Seniors using Medicaid can use managed care plans that will provide service well beyond what they could have received with the standard Medicaid program.

Now you’re more familiar with assisted living in Seattle, but if you want more detailed information you can take advantage of the immense senior information resource that is SeniorAdvisor to find great assisted living, neighborhood, and senior services in the Seattle area.

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