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Seattle 55+ Communities

We all look forward to the free-time that retirement brings with it. Unfortunately, our physical abilities are no longer what they were by the time we can enjoy the benefits that the freedom from work brings. The prospect of maintaining a family home and performing the various chores associated with daily life can be daunting.

Senior assisted living communities provide a valuable alternative to remaining in your empty nest home. Instead of maintaining a large family home once the kids have gone off to live their lives, you can enjoy the services and amenities of a community made for your time of life.

There are many quality senior living facilities located in the city of Seattle. Known as senior communities, 55+ communities, or retirement centers, these places can offer an attractive lifestyle option.

Queen Anne Manor is located in a residential neighborhood offering access to many great Seattle amenities. At Queen Anne Manor you can bring your own furniture and accessories to make your new home immediately familiar and comfortable. Home Away From Home is a caring and compassionate place that will take care of you through late middle age and into your geriatric years with cozy surroundings and amazing staff.

How Much For Senior Community Living in Seattle?

There are many factors that go into how much a senior living community may cost you. You can consider that the price range in the Seattle area will run between $2000 and $4500 per month depending on many different factors. The size of your living space, the amenities and services offered, as well as the neighborhood you’re located in, all figures into pricing.

When you start researching possible locations to settle in, look at the multivariate factors and find the best combination of services, amenities, and convenient nearness to shopping, dining, entertainment, and medical facilities.

How Will You Pay for a Senior Living Community in Seattle?

How will you pay for senior living in Seattle? If you’re able-bodied and independent, you can’t count on long-term care insurance to help you make the bills. You should assume that most of the cost will be out-of-pocket. Thanks to historically low-interest rates these past years, the return on your investments has been unusually low. What options do you have?

If you own your own home there are two possibilities, rent or sell. If you can rent out your home, you’ll have a reasonably stable source of income to use toward your retirement living expenses. Keep in mind that you’ll still have to maintain your old home and deal with the usual landlord-tenant issues. One benefit of renting your home is that you can always sell to finance your retirement if you experience a shortfall. Of course, by selling your home, you’ll have a lump sum that can be managed to help pay the bills.

What Should You Look For in a Seattle Retirement Community?

We all value different things in our conception of a satisfying lifestyle. Start your research by enumerating the various things you need to live comfortably.

Do you need access to exercise facilities? There are many retirement communities that offer state-of-the-art fitness facilities and exercise classes. Is relaxing by the pool for a few hours a week your idea of a fun time? Look for the retirement community that has the ideal pool area for you.

Some retirees are determined to travel as many days of the year as possible; if this is your plan, then you’re basically looking for a maintenance free place to keep your stuff and receive your mail.

Find Out the Details

Look at the fine print at any retirement community you’re considering. Is cable and internet service included with your rent? Does the monthly fee include special activities and community trips?

We all eat, and the menu at your senior assisted living facility will influence your quality of life. Find out what the menu is; sit down for a meal in the dining area. Ask the residents for their opinion of the food quality (and quantity).

Also, get to know the residents. You’ll be living with these people, and sharing the facilities with them. You want to know that the community is a good fit for you socially.

What Else Does the Community Have To Offer?

There are a variety of great services and amenities that senior living communities can offer. From housekeeping to beauty parlors; the possible extras that are offered can run the gamut. Depending on what your personal preferences are, you’ll find the right senior community for you.

If a facility attracts you, be sure to spend time there and try it out. If you want to enjoy access to an onsite pub and game room, then spend an evening visiting those facilities. You’ll get a good idea of the experience you’ll have as a resident.

The Seattle Area as a Senior Living Location

Seattle is a city on the Puget Sound, located in the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Retirees in Seattle will be surrounded by an idyllic combination of forest, mountain, and beach.

The Seattle climate is mild, with cool summers and easy winters. You can be located in the beautiful suburbs just outside the city proper, but need transportation to get to many places. You can find a community within the city proper and enjoy a walking lifestyle, with easy access to all that Seattle has to offer.

What Lies Ahead

Always look ahead to the services and assistance that you’ll require as you age. Although you want independent living now, you may need a more comprehensive suite of assisted living options later. This can influence your choice of retirement community powerfully. Finding a senior residence situation that will provide for your changing needs as you grow older can prevent the need to move again later.

You can check out places like University House Issaquah where you have comprehensive assisted and independent living options, and Cascades of Bremerton with unbelievable mountain and Puget Sound views.

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