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Medicare in Seattle

People looking to have their health care needs met can apply for Medicare. The insurance option works for seniors and individuals with a long-term disability. The age requirements get waived for disabled men and women, but seniors must meet the stipulation to qualify. The age is 65 or older. With multiple resources in the Seattle area, any residents nearby can find what they are looking for when it comes to Medicare information and applying for this type of insurance.

Breaking Down the Parts of Medicare

There are four parts to Medicare that each applicant needs to be aware of before attempting to apply. They are most simply known as Part A, Part B, Part C, and Part D. Each component includes its own set of services and offerings.

Part D is an addition people can add to their Medicare plan. It solely covers medications. Part C makes another addition. A private party utilizes this option to offer a separate plan to customers. They combine aspects of Part A and Part B to make an all-in-one plan option. Part B refers to medical care, including allowing regular doctor visits, laboratory tests and results, and preventive medicine. Part A focuses on short-term needs, such as a temporary hospital stay, palliative care, or time in a skilled nursing facility. It does not cover an extended length of stay, but is a short solution.

Beneficiary Facts for Seattle

King County of Seattle spent $1.38 billion on Medicare costs.

The average beneficiary age is 72.

99,657 people enrolled in Medicare Advantage Plans.

There are 132 beneficiaries per 1000 residents.

Finding Medicare Assistance in Seattle

The Medicare application is extensive and requires a lot of separate documents and information before you can submit. While there is an online version you can fill out yourself, this is not a valid solution for every senior. Many people prefer to work one-on-one with a professional so they can be sure they are filling out the forms correctly and submitting all of the right materials. You can find Medicare assistance in several places in Seattle.

There are three social security offices in the Seattle area. Each of these make ideal places to visit, as they have professionals who specialize in Medicare benefits. They will help customers submit requests for new Medicare cards when a card has gotten lost, answer questions relating to Medicare benefits, or assist them to fill out their forms and applications and submit them with the right documents and details.

The three locations include:

915 2nd Ave #901

13510 Aurora Ave N B

300 5th Ave #500

Locating Seattle Medical Professionals That Accept Medicare

You can find Seattle medical professionals that accept Medicare by visiting the Medicare website. A search tool allows you to quickly find doctors in the area that accept Medicare as a form of insurance. Some are group practices, like the Virginia Mason Medical Center. Others are solo physicians, such as Wallace R. Hodges. All addresses and telephone numbers are listed on the search engine, giving you the contact information you need to reach out.

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