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Medicaid in Seattle

Seniors rely on medical insurance to cover their growing need for care. For many, Medicaid is the best option, providing older citizens with a low income with the opportunity to handle care expenses. The Seattle area is full of resources able to assist seniors looking for application guidance and overall information.

Qualifying for Washington Medicaid

Not every senior can qualify for Washington Apple Health, the Medicaid program offered in the state. A financial review helps the Medicaid office determine who has a low income, who should receive assistance, and who has more than enough income to pay a higher insurance premium.

Receiving Assistance with the Medicaid Application

Many people struggle to fill out the Medicaid application alone. The conflict comes when trying to incorporate all your information onto the form. You must complete the form in full and provide all necessary documents before you can submit. With some difficult-to-understand insurance jargon, you may find it hard to complete on your own. It is best to visit a physical location or call your local office to receive guidance.

The Department of Social & Health Services sits at 2106 2nd Ave. Visit their location and speak with an agent, or call a representative at (206) 239-3600. The office remains open between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm. Visiting in-person allows you to submit the form with your agent. Calling provides answers so you may submit the form on your own afterward, either by mail or online.

Washington Healthplan Finder allows you to apply for insurance through their website. You must first create an account by providing a username, password, email address, and answers to several security questions. Once you get registered, you can then find the application to fill out. Proof of income, proof of identity, a social security number, bank statements, property statements, and life insurance documents must all get submitted with the forms.

Senior Medicaid Coverage

Senior Medicaid coverage includes standard services and senior-specific options. The senior-specific services include hospice care, adult day care, nursing home stays, long-term residential care, and more. You should wait to utilize these options until you have no other choice but to use them. Medicaid only handles a small portion of the associated costs and you are responsible for any remaining cost.

The standard options covered include routine checkups, dental visits, imaging services, lab work, rehabilitative care, podiatry, and much more. You can check with your insurance provider to ensure a service is covered before you head in to receive it if you are unsure whether or not they cover it.

Assistance With Medical Appointment Transportation

Many people need help with medical appointment transportation. That is why Medicaid offers non-emergency transportation to their recipients. With this option, you can call a couple of days in advance and schedule a ride to your checkup or lab testing. A bus or van heads out to pick up multiple people in a row, dropping them off at their preset locations. It ensures seniors make it to their appointments and are receiving the care they need.

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