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How Much Does Seattle Assisted Living Cost?

Seattle is one of the largest cities in the Pacific Northwest, with the city keeping its commitment to take care of its aging population with a myriad of facilities and services that emphasize the importance of physical and mental health. However, before you invest time and money in a particular facility, it is important for you to familiarize yourself with the cost structure, terms, and conditions, as well as how the facility will complement the lifestyle of your loved ones. Here are some of the core services, associated costs, and different ways that your family can afford them.

Understanding what assisted living can and cannot do. Assisted living facilities are designed to emphasize independence in the patient, with medical and occupational therapy designed to help deal and prevent chronic diseases. It is the ideal setup for those who need daily help with tasks like housekeeping, calling for appointments, as well as enjoying a level of companionship. Some of these services include:

Help with everyday tasks like light housekeeping, gardening, cooking, bathing, and scheduling doctors appointments.

Help with daily upkeep and personal hygiene like bathing and laundry.

Day-to-day activities. Studies show that socializing is just as important and impactful as a medical intervention, with many seniors having an overall better quality of life when they feel like they are contributing and relationship-building.

Transportation to and from local attractions throughout Seattle. Some of the local recreation centers include Green Lake Park and Lake Union Park, which are parks that are frequented by seniors and their families.

Custom meal plans. Many senior citizens require a particular diet that will not cause abdominal pain.

Assisted living facilities are versatile, with outpatient and inpatient settings. For those who still have a level of physical independence, a home health aide and housekeeper can be beneficial. They will be able to visit your home at certain times, complementing your busy lifestyle. For more intensive care, there are several living facilities in Seattle that will accommodate permanent care.

Assisted living facilities also offer an array of activities like arts and crafts, games, fitness centers, and common areas for physical and mental well-being. Continuum of care services offers personalized attention from skilled nurses who are on-call for any health status changes.

Fast Facts on Assisted Living in Seattle, Washington

The University of Washington is ranked as one of the leading institutions for medical research, making Seattle one of the ideal places for post-retirement life. There is a concentration of facilities and hospitals throughout Seattle.

Retiring in Seattle is ideal. Downtown areas are walkable and non-threatening for seniors. Many of the assisted living facilities overlook harbors and lakes, and there's a bustling bicycling and boating community in the city, anointed with many cultural programs that will enrich anyone's life, regardless of their age.

How Much Does Assisted Living Cost in Seattle?

Assisted living facilities in the Seattle area will cost about $4500 a month, or $54,000 a year, with a 1 percent increase in that price over the next five years. That trajectory is lower than the national average. Keep in mind that many factors affect the final price of a living facility,

Questions to Ask About Costs

When conducting research to secure the best assisted living facility, you will have questions that are entitled to answers. Examining the fine print and the cost structure will guarantee a seamless transaction, ensuring that the facility is the right place for senior family members. Here are some of the questions that you should ask any service that you may potentially patron. 

Are there custom meal plans and are they included in the price? Many seniors will require specialized diets.

Is there transportation to and from parks and other recreational greenways? Seattle has many famous parks like Lake Union Park and the beautiful Green Lake Park.

Are there any nonprofit programs?

Will you able to see and secure a copy of the facility's refund policy?

Is there any housekeeping? Is it included in the monthly fees?

Is dementia care available? Dementia and Alzheimer's are progressive ailments. If a loved one is going to live in a facility on a more permanent basis, it is important that the facility can accommodate the upcoming challenges.

Is renters insurance required?

Are prices inclusive? Can features be "dragged and dropped"?

Can a personal doctor visit the facility? You may already have a long-standing relationship with a family physician. You want a facility that will be able to work with them and your medical needs.

What sort of activities are included in the monthly fees?

Ways to Save Money on Assisted Living

A roommate situation is a viable way of cutting costs. It's also a way to encourage communication and socialization for seniors living in a communal setting.

Keep in mind that a rooming situation may not be suitable for all Seattle facilities, with only a handful allowing for this feature. However, it is one of the best ways to save on costs. Typically a written agreement is all that is needed and a mutual understanding. 

For homeowners who just need help for a couple of hours each week, then home health aides are a more affordable option, that can easily be covered with Social Security benefits.

Ways to Pay for Assisted Living Care

There are several ways that you can mitigate the cost of assisted living facilities, with Medicare, Medicare, and veterans benefits being one of the more common funds used to pay for services.

The Veteran's Administration has a program that can provide up to $1,733 a month for single veterans who are required to reside in a nursing home for extensive care. Two veteran spouses can qualify for up to $2,676 in aid. This money can be used to circumvent some of the costs associated with assisted living facilities.

For those who have limited assets, then you may be eligible for a sliding scale rate, which would be sensitive to monthly and yearly incomes. There are also several nonprofit assisted living facilities throughout Seattle like the Norse Home, which have dedicated their resources to cater to Seattle's senior community.

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