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Financial Assistance for Seattle Seniors

Cost of living continues to increase, which is tough for seniors on limited income. If you or a loved one are having a hard time making your monthly budget and nest egg cover life’s necessities, there are organizations both government and nonprofit to assist you in Seattle. This article will outline some of the programs available to you that will help with food, housing, social activities, utilities, home maintenance, and more.

Meals that come to you

King County residents over 60 can have meals delivered to them 7-14 times a week through the Meals On Wheels program. There are 30 different meal choices to fit any diet or spiritual need. These meals are well-balanced and delivered weekly.

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) provides food benefits to Washington seniors and resident family members. Eligible participants can purchase bread, cereals, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meat, other food items that not consider hot prepared foods, and seeds or plants to grow your food. You can apply online or call 877.501.2233.

Utilities, house, and other home resources

Sound Generations of Seattle offers seniors minor home repair services including plumbing, electrical, carpentry, and disability access. To help seniors save money on water bills, Sound Generations provides free water-saving toilets to low-income families. Eastside Friends of Seniors provides services to seniors including transportation, shopping and errands, home and yard chores, social transportation, and information and referrals.

Seattle offers a Utility Discount Program to help save low-income residents 60 percent on their light bill and 50 percent on Seattle public utilities. You can also find ways to save money through efficiency improvements through Seattle’s Weatherization Program.

Paying for a home can also be difficult for seniors, and Seattle’s city-run program has a long waiting list. There are other programs. Arch Housing helps provide seniors resources to find affordable housing for limited incomes. El Paso’s city has a long wait list, but there are other programs available. Brighton offers affordable housing for low-to-moderate income seniors. SHAG is another listing of affordable senior communities. You can also check with any senior community because most offer a sliding scale rate based on income since low-income is a common problem for older adults.

Activities and more

Seattle houses 16 senior centers full of activities such as crafts, exercise, meals, games, day trips, educational seminars, and more. Washington State Department of Social and Health Services offers home and community services for homebound seniors. They provide services such as transportation, companion services, and home-delivered meals.

Seattle is full of various clubs and social groups that meet everyone’s needs and interests. The Seattle Networking Guide provides a search by area of interest.  Gay City offers LGBT support, programs, and events. Meetup is another great source to search for area clubs and activities. You can search by senior groups or any other group of interest such as dining. Most churches also offer religious groups that meet regularly. Seattle offers senior events along with discounts. There is an activity in Seattle for any budget.

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