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Scottsdale Retirement Planning

Seniors in Scottsdale need to consider the importance of competent retirement guidance. Unfortunately, most people keep putting off making the important decisions necessary to ensure a secure standard of living in old age.

Transamerica surveyed over 4,000 people in the United States and discovered that the majority of them had no idea how much money they’d need after leaving work behind. Many of the people surveyed wished they knew more about retirement planning.

Certified financial planners are the professionals who can guide you toward a financially secure old age. You can find many planners in the Scottsdale area that will help you to plan your retirement.

Retirement Topics to Consider Carefully

The recommendation by the CFP Board of Standards is that individuals look at many different retirement issues like long-term care planning, health care, health insurance, estate planning, and maximizing your retirement income.

Retirement Income Issues are Complicated

As complicated as retirement income planning can be, it is vital that you understand how important it is. There are many factors to consider that will affect your monthly income. Collecting social security is one of those factors. People born between 1943 and 1954 can collect benefits at age 66, but they can collect a much larger amount the longer they wait.

A financial planner can guide you through the details of when and how to collect your retirement money to maximize your income.

Tax Planning

A careful planner will also ensure that the tax bite on that income is as low as legally possible. Your planner will explain the best way to tap into your funds to avoid paying more tax than you have to.

Certified financial planners can discover if it would be advisable to continue working into retirement, or if you should delay retirement completely. Your planner will see if your nest egg is sufficient to carry you through your golden years. If you’re short of the amount you need, he’ll help formulate a plan to keep you financially secure.

How to Find a Scottsdale Financial Planner

A great source of information is your friends, family, and associates. Ask people you trust that use a financial planner who they use and why. You’ll put together a list of possible candidates based on trusted recommendations.

Use the Internet

Use the internet to quickly find the best planner in the Scottsdale area for you.

The CFP Board of Standards has created a useful database to find a CFP near you. Just enter your zip code, and then refine your search by specialty to find the financial planners near you who specialize in retirement planning.

Visit the Arizona Better Business Bureau to see the list of BBB-Accredited financial planners in your area who can help you.

Barron’s is a respected source of financial information. They have a list of top financial advisors in Arizona here.

Talk to Your Planner

Once you’ve settled on a few possible choices, sit down and meet with them. Explain your concerns and listen carefully to the solutions they offer. You’re sure to make the right choice.

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