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Scottsdale Respite Care and Adult Day Care

Getting to live in the home you have always spent your life in is the hope of many seniors. This does not always work out, though, as many become physically unable to care for themselves. Working with a caregiver allows you to remain in the home as you desire, as long as they are available on a daily basis to handle your care needs. When they are unable to do so, you can head to a respite care facility that offers care and assistance when others can provide it for you. There are plenty of offerings in and around the Scottsdale area that allow this opportunity.

Services Offered at Adult Day Care

A day care for children is essentially the same as a daycare for adults. All care needs are met throughout the day while the senior is at the facility. One main difference is in terms of medical care. Children do not need quite as much medical monitoring as seniors do. A nurse is also on staff, rather than a basic worker in charge of watching children.

Each location may have a different timeframe for when it opens and closes for the day. Most, however, are available for seniors between early morning hours and evening time. This allows caregivers to bring their loved ones to the facility during typical workday hours, such as 9 to 5. Some of these locations offer breakfast, while others provide lunch and a snack.

The meals offered at an adult day care are always nutritious. They will not hand out a bag of chips to the seniors that are eating there. Instead, healthy options, such as fruits and vegetables, are always on the menu. A healthy meal is one way to ensure seniors are remaining as healthy as possible.

Respite Care Providers

Several respite care providers are available in Scottsdale to meet senior care needs. Belmont Village Scottsdale is one option. They have a number of activities on site to keep seniors busy. These activities typically change regularly but range from arts and crafts to music classes, television time to exercise routines, and even gardening and other outdoor activities. Seniors are encouraged to participate so they can receive the social interaction they need. You may even find a new lifelong friend.

Costs of Adult Day Care and Respite Care

Adult day care and respite care are both very similar offerings in the Scottsdale area. On average, people can expect to pay $77 per day for either option. This could end up totaling $19,890 per year if the care program is attended on a daily basis throughout each week.

These prices may seem alarming to many, but it does not have to be a major concern if some measures are taken. Medicare can be applied for in order to eliminate some of the associated costs and leave a smaller amount to pay out of pocket. This is a valid option for those with low income that require adult day care regularly.

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