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Scottsdale Financial Advisors

To many people, financial planning is something they think they don’t need to consider. It is true that the wealthy are frequently preoccupied with managing their assets and hire professionals to help them. However, they aren’t the only people who need help planning their finances and ensuring their financial security.

In the course of our lives, we all need advice and guidance to keep ourselves financially healthy and secure into our later years.

A competent financial planner will help you navigate the financial landscape of your life. From making sure you’re insured against the risks pertinent to your circumstances, to helping you find suitable long-term care coverage.

Your financial planner will advise you on planning your estate to make sure everything is distributed according to your wishes and help you with long-term tax planning.

Use a financial advisor to keep you on track financially through the different seasons of your life.

It’s Never too Soon

It’s never too soon to start taking control of your financial future with the assistance of a financial planner. The sooner you start making the most of your financial resources, the more secure you will be when you leave the workforce for retirement.

Get a financial planner and make the most of your money now and in the future.

It’s Easy to Find Reputable Financial Advisors

Start by talking to people. Ask friends, family, and even trusted professionals with whom you may do business. You can talk to people you know who use a financial planner, and see what they say.

There are also sources of information online that you can use to collect a list of prospective financial planners that could help you.

The Better Business Bureau of Arizona has an accredited business directory listing financial planning consultants.

The CF Board of Standards has a searchable database that will let you search by compensation type, location, or specialty.

What to Look For in a Financial Advisor

Once you’ve collected the names of likely prospects to chaperone you can through the complications of taking care of your financial health, check each one out thoroughly.

The CFP Board of Standards has a search tool available on their website here to check a financial planner’s certification status. It’s important to ensure your financial planner’s certification is current. You’ll also have access to other important information, such as if the financial planner has ever been disciplined, or if they have filed for bankruptcy in the last 10 years.

Ask if the Planner is a Fiduciary

A fiduciary is a financial planner who is required to put your best financial interest first. Ordinarily, a planner can recommend many different choices, some of which may not necessarily be the best for your situation. A fiduciary will be required to consider your best interests by law.

Financial Planner Compensation

Planners are compensated in 4 different ways; hourly, fee- based (a percentage of your holdings, customarily 1%), commission or a mix of commission and fee-based.

Fee-based is thought to be the best, since the planners pay is based on performance. The worst is considered commission based where the planner is paid by the financial product companies; this could become a conflict of interest.

Do your research to find what’s best for you.

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