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Scottsdale Family Caregiver Benefits

As our population rapidly gets older, a number of caregivers and caregiver services are also growing. Seniors often turn to their family members for caregiving services, and while this is an important job, it can also be overwhelming. If you care for an elderly family member, you might feel guilty asking for help but you shouldn’t. There are plenty of services in the Scottsdale area like respite care and transportation services that can help caregivers get a break when they need it. These services can also help caregivers be better at their job so you should learn about these resources.

Alzheimer’s Association: Arizona Central Chapter

Caring for Alzheimer’s can be one of the most stressful and draining jobs. Caregivers need to make sure they are taking care of themselves so they can take care of their loved ones as best as possible. The Arizona Central Chapter provides resources for three different counties including Maricopa County. They have numerous services that can benefit family caregivers.

To take care of someone with Alzheimer’s, you need the right education. The Central Chapter provides four different types of training to become a better caregiver. You can participate in community classes for general Alzheimer’s knowledge, or you can enroll in the CarePRO course to gain essential skills to be a family caregiver. There is also the annual education conference each spring and a professional caregiver course that offers certifications in particular skills.

Support groups are a fantastic way to get in touch with other caregivers to share stories, advice, and experience with each other. Some groups also provide free respite care, so it is a nice chance to take a little break from your duties. You can check the calendar to see when and where different groups meet and find a meeting that fits your schedule.

The Arizona chapters also have a unique program called Expressions which allows caregivers and Alzheimer’s patients to express themselves through different types of art. There are poems, drawings, blog posts, videos, and photos that all express different emotions and feelings that come with being a caregiver or living with this disease. Expressions is a great way to connect with others as well as show how you’re feeling through a creative outlet.

Scottsdale Area Agency On Aging

Region One AAA serves as the area agency on aging for all of Maricopa County, including Scottsdale. Through the AAA, caregivers can find resources such as various support groups and therapy meetings. You can also find the local Caregiver Resource Zone which will provide access to even more supportive programs. You can also download a free Elder Resource Guide to find more services in Scottsdale. Call (602) 264-4357 for more information.

VA Health System In Phoenix

Veterans and their caregivers can find a wealth of services through the VA health system. The main center is located in Phoenix, but there are resources available to senior veterans all around Arizona. Services include things like:

A national hotline that can answer questions whenever you have them

Peer groups that can offer advice to new caregivers

Caregiver Support Coordinator- a trained specialist who can help you find services you’re eligible for

Programs like adult day care or in-home respite care

Access to home health aides and homemakers

Telehealth system which provides medical care to seniors unable to leave their house

Hospice care

To use these services or learn more about your eligibility, contact the Caregiver Coordinator at (602) 277-5551.

Family Caregiver Support Program

Through the Arizona Department of Economic Security and the local Area Agency on Aging, you can find the Family Caregiver Support Program. This program provides caregivers with the assistance they need to care for their loved ones which could mean meal delivery services, transportation services, adult day care, respite care, or any other supplemental care. To see if you are eligible for this program, contact the Region One AAA.

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