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Medicaid In Scottsdale

Medicaid is an important part of many seniors in Arizona. It can help provide coverage for essential medical care like doctors visits or a stay in the hospital. It can help pay for things like medical equipment that can make life easier and prescription medicine. It can also help seniors who need to gain access to places like long-term care facilities and adult day care services. If you’re about to qualify for Medicaid and would like to learn more about what to expect, you can use these resources as a guide.

Who Qualifies For Medicaid In Scottsdale?

There are a few different ways that you can qualify for Medicaid coverage in Arizona. If you are a senior that is 65 and older or an adult that has a disability that will require continuous care for at least 30 days, then you could be eligible for Medicaid. You also have to meet some financial requirements including a certain income level and an assessment of your assets excluding your home and care. You can quickly check your eligibility on Arizona’s Medicaid portal.

Where Can You Apply For Medicaid And Find Help In Scottsdale?

In Arizona, the Medicaid program is called Arizona Health Care Cost Containment Services or AHCCCS. The easiest way to apply for Medicaid services or find anything you need about Medicaid is to visit the AHCCCS website. You can fill out an online application and quickly find information about services.

If you would rather meet with someone in person to go over your application or ask questions, then you will have to go to the Arizona Medicaid office, located in Phoenix. You can find them at:

801 E Jefferson Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85034 (602) 417-4000

If you can’t make it to Phoenix to talk to someone about your application, you can always call them on the phone or mail in your application. If you want to be able to apply online but don’t have access to a computer or the internet, there are a few places around town that offer free computer access. The Scottsdale Public Library has computers that you can reserve and use for free as long as you have a library card.

What Is Covered Under Arizona Medicaid?

Seniors with Medicaid can find access to many different medical services and have various health care costs covered under their plan. Some of the basic services covered are things like preventative care, doctor’s appointments, dentist visits, and hospital stays. Coverage will also include things like x-rays, prescription medicine, and any lab work you need. Seniors can also have things like in-home health services, adult day services, and long-term care facilities covered.

You do need to make sure that you only use providers that accept Medicaid to get their services covered. AHCCCS has a helpful provider list on their website, and you can also quickly enter your provider into the search tool to see if they accept Medicaid. It’s also easy to call and ask your provider if they accept Medicaid patients.

Getting To Your Appointment In Scottsdale

Sometimes, seniors might not be able to get to their appointment because they can’t afford fuel or transportation costs or don’t have access to a car. Medicaid recipients in Scottsdale can have their transportation costs covered by AHCCCS. They will arrange a form of travel for you to get to your appointment, which could be by bus, shuttle van, or door-to-door service.

To arrange a ride, make sure to call (888) 700-6822 at least three days in advance. The coordinator will work with you to find the best form of transportation for your needs and location.

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