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Catholic Health Care in Scottsdale

You will find plenty of health care options and activities supported by the Catholic Church in Scottsdale. These inclusive programs include home care, caregiver education, adult day cares, senior centers, and assisted living facilities. The Phoenix Archdiocese and Roman Catholic-founded Foundation for Senior Living (FSL) offers social services, housing, and health care options. Catholic Charities provide support for life’s essentials to those in need. To assist with your mental well-being, you will find plenty of activities at local parishes near and in Scottsdale.

Catholic activities for seniors

You will not have any trouble finding a Catholic church in Scottsdale. These churches offer community outreach programs, ministry, and other programs to assist your spiritual well-being. St. Patrick offers a senior ministry program to enrich lives of seniors spiritually and socially.

If you want to venture, Saint Joan of Arc in Phoenix offers several social ministries including the Senior Ministry, which is a program for seniors that includes activities such as seminars, day trips, scripture education, retreats, games, and movies. If you are widowed, divorced, or just never married, Saint Joan of Arc offers a singles group. The senior care resources group helps homebound seniors with chores such as errand running or grocery shopping. FSL runs two senior centers. The Peoria location is about 45 minutes away and offers daily lunch programs, recreation activities to stay active, wellness and learning programs, and various hobby clubs.

Wide array of services through Foundation for Senior Living

Founded in 1974 by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix, the Foundation for Senior Living (FSL) strives to enhance the quality of life for older adults along with caregivers. They provide housing, social services, and health services with adult day cares, assisted living, home health, caregiver services, and senior centers.

Assisted group living through FSL gives extended care and housing options to those adults who may need additional medical help to live independently. There are FSL homes throughout the Phoenix Metropolitan area. These programs are well run and have set the bar for what community care should be.

FSL offers adult day health services for activities, socialization, and assistance throughout the day. Caring Place Partner is located in Scottsdale. Activities include weekly outings to area attractions like libraries, museums, shops, and restaurants. Exercise programs will help with balance and motor skills. These are seated exercises to ensure safety.

For homebound seniors, FSL offers home care assistance to increase independence. Each individual gets his or her plan that addresses what is most important and what to expect for services rendered.

FSL also offers education programs for the community and caregivers to assist with daily care. They also offer apartments for rent, home monitoring, housekeeping, prescription reminders, respite care, and more.

In addition to the FSL programs, there are predominant Catholic hospitals. St. Luke’s presents wellness classes including health seminars and complimentary hearing screenings. There is also a Catholic Physicians Guild of Phoenix that follows the Catholic principles while practicing medicine.

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