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What’s the Cost of Living in Savannah, GA?

Living on a fixed income can be frightening. Unexpected expenses, rising costs of groceries, utilities, and property taxes, can all cause financial distress. While the costs of living in your locality can’t be negotiated away, there is a solution.

Retirement is the end of your working life and the beginning of your golden years. You are no longer tied to a workplace or school district. Why not take advantage of this fact and shop around for a locality that has lower costs of living than you presently have?

Savannah, Georgia, has many things to recommend it as a destination for seniors escaping a high cost of living. Read further to find out what the cost of living in Savannah is, and compare it to your current costs.

Housing in Savannah, Georgia

According to the Census ACS survey, the average cost of an apartment in the Savannah area is $979. A one bedroom in a decent area will only cost you $854 on average in Savannah. Rental costs in Savannah are reasonably low compared to rents in other U.S. cities.

The median price of a home in Savannah is about $190,000; this makes selling your home and relocating from many areas of the U.S. reasonably easy.

Utility Costs in Savannah

Utility costs in Savannah for two people living in a one-bedroom apartment are affordable at only $196.00 per month.

Food Costs in Savannah

The cost of groceries in Savannah is about the national average. A quart of milk can be bought for a little less than a dollar, and a pound of boneless chicken breast will cost roughly $4.50 per pound. A dozen large eggs are only $2.50.

A fast-food meal for one in Savannah is $7 on average. A decent pub meal can be had for about $13.

Transportation in Savannah

Transportation costs in Savannah are not extraordinary. A gallon of gasoline will cost around $2.50 per gallon. Consider that you won’t be driving as often or as far as you did during your working years, saving much money on commuting costs.

Insurance rates in Savannah are just below the national average at $1300 per year. Of course, many factors go into calculating your auto insurance premium, but all things being equal, you’ll probably save money in Savannah.

Senior Care Costs Savannah

The average cost of nursing home care in Savannah is well below the national average. The median rate for yearly care in a Savannah nursing home is only $67,000.00 per year.

Compared to the national average cost of nursing care in the U.S., the average cost of a private nursing home room is approximately $92,000.00 per year.

Compare Everything between Locations

Look at everything that is important to you when considering relocation. There are many different factors that are important to your personal quality of life. Make sure that you’ll be close enough to grandchildren, have amenities you need local to you, and will be happy in your new neighborhood.

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