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Top Savannah Senior Discounts

Savannah is one of the best places for seniors to retire. The weather is beautiful, the pace of life is relaxed, and you can take advantage of Southern hospitality to explore this great city. There are so many things to do around Savannah, and many attractions offer a senior discount. Here are just a few of the places you can visit at a discounted rate.

1. Wormsloe Historic Site

The Wormsloe Historic Site is home to the tabby Wormsloe ruins of Noble Jones house. These ruins are the oldest standing structure in Savannah and were once home to one of the first groups of settlers in the area. You can see what life was like back then and learn the history of Savannah through guides and reenactments.

2. First African Baptist Church

While this church is still a place of worship, it is also full of the history of its parishioners. You can take a tour and see most of the original pews, stained glass windows, and other fixtures that were here in 1773 when the church was built. There is a senior discount for tours, but make sure you check the schedule to see when you can visit the church.

3. Oatland Island Wildlife Center

At this wildlife center, you can walk some of the numerous trails, visit the animal center, and get a little closer to nature. The Oatland Island Wildlife Center is also an animal sanctuary that helps to heal wounded animals and release them back into their natural habitats.

4. Summer Waves Water Park

This water park, located on Jekyll Island, has dozens of attractions. There is a lazy river, wave pool, slides, and splash parks. There is a senior discount for daily passes, and you can also get deals on other attractions on the Island when you buy passes to the park.

5. SCAD Museum Of Art

This museum is curated by the Savannah College of Art and Design and helps promote the education of both the students and the public. There are mostly contemporary pieces on display from local artists to renowned artists and even sometimes works of art by the students themselves.

6. Davenport House Museum

This museum is dedicated to the preservation of the American-Federal style that Isaiah Davenport helped make popular. This building is one of the oldest brick structures in the city and houses many historical artifacts that help show the background of Savannah.

7. Owens-Thomas House

This house is one of the best examples of the English Regency architecture in America. Inside you can see many of the original furnishings of the Owens family and take a step back in time to see what it was like to live in Savannah in the 1800’s. There is a senior discount for admission, but free tours run daily.

8. Cathedral Of St. John The Baptist

This cathedral is the home of the Savannah archdiocese and has been in the city since the late 1800’s. A fire destroyed much of the original structure in 1898, but it was quickly restored and much of what is there today is the same. The church is still an active place of worship, so you need to call ahead of time to schedule a tour. The tour is free, but donations are appreciated.

9. Jepson Center For The Arts

The Jepson Center houses many contemporary pieces of art as well as features rotating exhibits throughout the year. There are two different tours, and both are free as long as you pay the price of admission.

10. Telfair Academy

The Telfair Academy is another example of the English Regency architecture and was the home of Alexander Telfair, the son of a prominent revolutionary war patriot and Georgia governor, Edward Telfair. The house was donated to be presented as a museum in 1875 and opened to the public in 1886. You can see many of the original pieces of art and furnishings there today.

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