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Savannah Volunteer Opportunities for Seniors

Retirement in Savannah, Georgia doesn’t have to be one long, lazy afternoon. There are many different ways to make retirement an exciting and enriching time in your life.

Volunteering is one good way to get back in the world and meet new people, acquire new skills, and get the satisfaction of helping the Savannah community to be a better place.

Keep on reading to see some of the volunteer options you can take advantage of in the Savannah area.

Memorial Health Volunteer

Memorial University Medical Center needs people for their corps of volunteers. You can communicate with and comfort patients in a variety of hospital settings. Relieve the strain on the Hospital’s administrative staff by helping with office work such as filing, copying, answering phones, and paging staff.

Share the responsibility of the medical staff by assisting nurses and other medical professionals.

There is a niche for everybody who wants to volunteer at Memorial University Medical Center. As a volunteer, you’ll enjoy some nice perks:

Pharmacy discounts

Free parking

Participate in special events and activities

Educational opportunities

Pass a background check, show proof of vaccinations, and take a tuberculosis test to enjoy volunteering at the hospital.

The Live Oak Public Libraries

The Live Oak Public Libraries appreciate hard working volunteers. Help raise needed funds by working as a Bookstore volunteer at The Used Book Store at the Bull Street Branch. Contribute your time and help with stocking, customer service, or with cashier duties.

As a Children’s Programming Assistant volunteer, you’ll assist the staff with the full range of children’s programming activities on weekday mornings and in the after school hours as well as Saturdays.

Learn to be a reference assistant volunteer and receive free training. You’ll provide a valuable service to the Library and enjoy learning a new skill.

The Savanna Zoo

If you’re interested in animal care and love being around exotic creatures, try volunteering at the Savannah Zoo. The Savannah Zoo needs volunteer animal care staff to work as keeper assistants in the animal care department. Your job will be to assist paid staff with their duties in caring for the zoo animals. You will learn animal husbandry for exotic animals like:

Diet preparation

Exhibit and holding area maintenance

Observations of animal health

Designing and providing environmental enrichment for the collection

As a volunteer at the Savannah Zoo, you’ll learn how to care for exotic wild animals, zoo management, and the science behind keeping a zoo collection healthy and content.

Savannah Food Banks

Savannah food banks don’t just rely on donations of food to keep helping people. Volunteer at local food banks and help get that food to the people who need it. Food banks need volunteers to help box groceries, collect donations, and deliver food to the housebound.

See What You Can Do

These are just some of the volunteer opportunities in the Savannah area. Think about what you’re most interested in, and where you’d like to make a difference. Use the internet to find organizations where you want to volunteer. Make the most of every year of your life, not just the ones you spent working.

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