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Savannah Respite Care and Adult Day Care

A safe space is needed when caregivers cannot handle care needs for their loved ones. A place that offers respite care is the best solution, as there are planned activities scheduled to keep seniors interactive and busy throughout the day. Savannah has numerous adult day care options available to ensure all seniors receive the care they need while their caregivers are unable to do so on a particular occasion.

Offerings of Respite Care Programs and Adult Day Care Centers

There are many offerings of respite care programs and adult day care centers in Savannah. They include:


A secure facility (one that is monitored so no memory care patients can attempt to get away)

Registered nurses on staff (who are able to provide regular care to anyone that needs it)

Wheelchair accessible locations (that allow wheelchair-bound seniors to get around the facility)


Meals designed by a nutritionist (that provide adequate calories and healthy choices)

Breakfast, lunch, snacks, and refreshments (offered at set times throughout the day to ensure no one goes hungry)

Assistance with meals (offered to those who cannot feed themselves efficiently)


Medication administration (for those that take daily medication)

Blood pressure monitoring (for those that have low or high blood pressure)

Nurse supervision (for those that require extra supervision on a daily basis)

Social Interaction


Arts and Crafts


Field trips

Providers of Savannah Adult Day Care

There are numerous adult day cares in Savannah. Habersham House is one option. They have respite care services that allow seniors to come for just a day, or stay for a few days while their caregivers are away. There is a daily fee associated with this service. Those that participate receive meals, partake in regular activities, and have routine care from a registered nurse.

Marsh View Senior Living is another facility that offers respite care. There are numerous activities onsite at this location that guests can participate in, including arts and crafts, games, and simple social interaction.

CaraVita’s Summer Breeze is yet another choice. Their respite services include physical therapy options, exercise, personal care assistance, meal times, and much more. A 24-hour security response system is in place at this facility, ensuring all residents and daily guests receive immediate attention in case of an emergency.

Financers of Adult Day Care

Adult day care is typically paid for by the individual attending. They may also appoint their caregiver to handle their finances, which would make the caregiver responsible. No matter which party must pay, the expenses must be handled daily when the senior attends the program. Medicare is available in many areas so that low-income families may receive assistance with paying the high daily fees.

Savannah has a lower than average price of only $65 per day. The national average reaches $69 per day for adult day services. This makes finding a way to pay a little easier, as it is less than you would be paying elsewhere.

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