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Savannah Rehab Centers

Finding the rehabilitation treatment you or your loved one needs after a serious illness, stroke, heart attack, or surgery may not be as hard as you think. Most nursing homes offer round the clock care and the various therapies needed for a full recovery. Around a third of patients are in short-term care in order to get back on their feet. Here is some helpful information to get you started in your search for the perfect place for your recovery.

During your rehab stay

Leaving your hospital stay and moving to a rehabilitation center will help you get back to your previous lifestyle. You will get the treatment you need to regain strength. As you begin your search, you may see that some facilities go by different names such as transitional, short-term, and post-acute rehabilitation. It doesn’t matter the name because all of these have the same goal of aiding with recovery. Once you are ready to enter the rehab center, you will receive a medical assessment to determine your recovery plan. Your doctor will work with the staff to make sure you have the best plan for a speedy and successful recuperation.

Your plan will be customized to your medical needs and will most likely include a variety of therapies such as physical, occupational, and speech. Your rehabilitation center will also make sure you are as comfortable as you can be. Depending on a therapist's’ availability and your needs, you may have therapy and treatments daily or multiple times a week.

Where to look for rehab

Your physician and surgeon will give recommendations on where to go for recovery. It’s always a good idea to ask for referrals and read online reviews before deciding on a facility.

Savannah Square offers comfort and also more amenities than the average nursing home. Their experienced team will help you meet your goals and help you reach maximum independence.

Kindred Healthcare’s Subacute Unit provides rehabilitation therapy to help bridge the gap of the hospital care back to living independently at home. The professional medical staff focuses on physical and functional improvement.

Rehabilitation Hospital of Savannah is a rehabilitation hospital that provides comprehensive services to return patients home. They have a 50-bed acute rehabilitation unit.

What should you look for in a rehab facility?

You want to find a rehab facility that will help you recover quickly and also successfully. Be sure to ask your friends and neighbors about their encounters. You want the best medical care from the most empathetic staff to help you stay comfortable. Be sure to check that the place has passed state inspections and is clean. Also, check that your choice is Medicare-approved or Medicaid-certified.

Payment methods

Medicare does cover skilled nursing care under Coverage A, if the following criteria apply:

You have days left in your benefit period.

You stay three consecutive days in the hospital (not counting the day you were admitted).

Your condition requires rehab treatment, and your doctor places an order for therapy.

For those who don’t qualify for Medicare, there are other options including long-term care insurance and Medicaid, which will require all treatment and centers to be Medicaid-certified. Review your treatment plan with your doctor and check that all these services are covered. You may need some services that are not covered, and you will have to pay for these out of your wallet.

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