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Savannah Hospice Care

No one wants to think of the end of their life, but it’s important to make sure you not only have a plan and support for yourself but your family members as well. Hospice care can be very beneficial because not only will your final months be taken care of, the needs and support of your family will too. Now, you don’t necessarily have to go somewhere other than your home to get hospice care and Savannah has a lot of different options when it comes to in-home hospice care. If your doctor has recommended hospice or you’re ready to start looking, here is some helpful information.

Who Will Take Care Of Me?

Hospice care is the effort of a team of specialists and volunteers that will help make your time easier and give extra support to your family. Each member will have a specific role and work together to give you the best care.

Your doctor will be in charge of your care and the whole team as well. They will collaborate with the hospice director to coordinate all team members while continually monitoring your condition and making any necessary changes.

You will also have a team of nurses or in-home health aides depending on where you get your hospice care. These people will manage your pain, change and dressings, give you medication, and care for any other medical need. They will also report to your doctor if you need more or different care.

A homemaker can help take care of your daily chores, so you and your family have more time to spend together.

A social worker or counselor will be brought onto the team to help you understand the whole process and provide emotional support to your family. You can also ask your pastor or priest to give counseling or emotional support too.

Hospice volunteers will also help with non-medical tasks like running errands or offering respite care. They are also good people to talk to when you need someone to listen.

You can also have your friends and neighbors join the team and ask them to coordinate efforts to get extra community support. Maybe they will schedule someone in your neighborhood to bring over dinner each night or take care of your lawn if you can’t.

Searching For Providers In Savannah

Your doctor will probably be your biggest resource when it comes to hospice providers, and they might even have a care team they would prefer. If they don’t, you can look at the online provider list through the Georgia Hospice & Palliative Care Organization. If you’re a veteran, the VA health system can help you find hospice providers. is another good place to look for hospice providers. There are in-home care providers that offer hospice, or you can find it through facilities like Kindred Transitional Care, Habersham House, or Savannah Square.

Covering The Cost Of Hospice Care

While hospice care isn’t free, there are a few ways you can pay for it. Many insurance policies will cover hospice care, and Medicare Part A takes care of both in-home and inpatient hospice care. Veterans can use their VA benefits to get in-home, inpatient, or VA health center hospice care. Many hospice providers will also be willing to work with low-income seniors and could offer their services at a sliding-scale fee. You won’t know unless you ask, so talk with the provider to get these essential services when you need them most.

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