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Pre-planning is commonly used when dealing with many different life events from weddings to retirement. When it comes to planning for the end of life, many people are reluctant to consider what’s involved.

Death comes to everyone at some point, pre-planning the particulars of a funeral and burial or cremation will avoid adding more stress to an already difficult time.

Savannah, Georgia, is home to many reputable funeral parlors that will provide a dignified farewell to your dearly departed. This article will introduce you to your rights and the funeral service provider’s requirements during the funeral planning process.

Price Transparency

Under federal and state law, you have the right to a thorough list of a funeral home’s prices upon request. You may request this information by phone or in writing and have it provided to you verbally and in print.

Federal Trade Commission Protection

Package deals can be used to force customers to purchase desirable options while being forced to also buy much less desirable ones. The FTC mandates that funeral homes must make all services and products available without requiring the purchase of a funeral package.

Georgia law makes it mandatory that you receive a list of the funeral homes prices, surcharges, and other fees before they can discuss funeral arrangements with you.

In Savannah You have a Choice

If cremation is the option you’ve chosen, then you have the right to use the container of your choosing. The funeral home can’t require you to use a casket for cremation.

Freedom to Choose Who You Buy From

Although it may seem an automatic decision to buy the casket from the funeral home that provides the funeral service, you don’t have to. You can buy a casket from any supplier, and the funeral home is required to use it. If the casket selection the funeral home offers is not to your liking you can look elsewhere.

Whether to Embalm or Not is Your Choice

The funeral home must have your express permission to embalm the deceased. Additionally, you don’t have to have the body embalmed at all.

An Interesting Online Resource

There are online tools for almost any contingency, including funeral planning; the Dignity Memorial Funeral Network website has a good one. Visit the Dignity Memorial online funeral planning tool to quickly and easily plan a memorial service. You can also be inspired by theme funeral packages or just use the website to become familiar with all the factors involved in funeral planning.

Find Savannah Funeral Homes Online

A good starting point is the Better Business Bureau of Georgia; visit their website to see a list of BBB-accredited funeral service providers.

The Georgia Funeral Directors Association has a comprehensive directory of licensed funeral homes throughout the state, and lots of valuable information regarding the funeral process in Georgia.

Pre-Plan to Stay Focused

The grief of loss is overwhelming enough without the added stress of planning and paying for a funeral. Pre-plan a funeral to avoid this. If all arrangements have already been taken care of, you’ll be able to focus on family, friends, and remembering the deceased.

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