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Savannah Demographics and Lifestyle

Whether you are moving to Savannah to celebrate retirement, get away from the cold weather and snow, or to enjoy Georgia’s wildlife, you can find it all in this city.

Do You Want to Retire in Savannah, Georgia?

According to the United States Census Bureau, you’re not alone in wanting to retire in Savannah. The city is home to 11.7 percent of seniors age 65 and older out of the total population for Savannah. The population for Savannah has grown by 6.9 percent since 2010 with 136,335 residents then and an estimated 145,674 residents in 2015. As for genders, 52.1 percent are female.

As for diversity in the city, 55.4 percent of residents self-identify as Black or African-American, 38.3 percent as White, 4.7 percent as Hispanic or Latino, 2 percent as Asian, 2 percent as two or more races, and 0.3 percent as American Indian or Alaska Native.

There are 11,168 veterans living in the city. Foreign-born residents make up 6 percent of the population and in 7.9 percent of households, another language other than English is spoken.

What’s the Weather Like in Savannah?

If you enjoy the warm weather and only rare occurrences of snowfall, then you will enjoy retiring to Savannah. The city has annual temperatures of a high of 77.3 degrees and a low of 56.3 degrees. The winter months show temperature average lows in the high 30s and low 40s. The summer months show temperatures averaging in the low 90s during the day.

Rainfall in Savannah averages 47.98 inches annually. During hurricane season, Savannah can experience heavier rainfall as well as damage due to high winds exceeding 70 miles per hour winds. Hurricanes in Category Four or Five can exceed 156 miles per hour winds.

To be prepared for hurricane season, consider building an emergency kit to keep in your car and at home. You will want to shutter your home to protect it as much as possible from the storm, but heed warnings to evacuate. Evacuations usually give directions of where you can go for safety during a hurricane. Even if the evacuation is voluntary, consider places you can go to until after the hurricane dissipates and authorities can confirm the integrity and safety of buildings and bridges.

Are You Ready for the Natural Beauty of Savannah?

Georgia is home to native, protected, and rare species of wildlife. You can find amphibians, birds, crayfishes, dragonflies, fishes, mammals, mussels and snails, reptiles, and plants throughout the state. The protected and rare species found in the state include the Florida Panther, Round-tailed Muskrat, Southeastern Pocket Gopher, Appalachian Cottontail, Manatee, Rafinesque’s Big-eared Bat, and the Humpback Whale.

The Wildlife Resources Division of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources lists ways you can attract wildlife to your backyard. The site gives you ideas on how to construct bluebird boxes and nesting boxes as well as sharing your homes with the migrating Chimney Swift. You can also tour wildlife conservations and take part in projects to protect rare species in Georgia.

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