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Financial Assistance for Savannah Seniors

Savannah residents enjoy a cost of living that is 2.5% below the national average, but some seniors still find it challenging to pay the bills each month. Luckily, local financial assistance programs help older adults to cover the cost of necessities such as food, housing, and utilities.

Groceries and hot meals

The Georgia Food Stamp Program, also known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), helps Savannah households with limited resources to purchase healthy food to prepare at home. Senior SNAP is a simplified food assistance program that is available exclusively to unemployed older adults who are living on a fixed income. If you need help applying for SNAP benefits, there are a number of Savannah organizations and non-profit agencies that are able to provide assistance, including Step Up Savannah, St. Mary’s Community Center, the Moses Jackson Advancement Center, and more.

Seniors who want to take a break from cooking can enjoy low-cost hot lunches provided by more than a dozen Golden Age Centers located throughout the city of Savannah. For an annual registration fee of just $5, seniors over the age of 60 can get together for nutritious homemade meals with their friends and neighbors each day.

If you are one of many older adults who has difficulty leaving the house on a regular basis, you can turn to Senior Citizens, Inc. for local Meals on Wheels delivery services. Fresh lunch and dinner meal options cost just $6, while breakfast costs $5. Gourmet meal options are also available for SAGE clients, while specially crafted meals are available for seniors on a medically prescribed diet.

Help with housing, home maintenance, and utility costs

Mercy Housing offers affordable living options for low-income families and older adults in the Savannah area. St. Joseph's/Candler Hospital partners with Mercy Housing to bring city residents several renovated and refurbished communities. Savannah Gardens, a Mercy complex located in the heart of the city’s historic district, offers low-cost rental housing for adults aged 62 and older. Eight public housing complexes operated by the Housing Authority of Savannah also offer affordable living options for locals with limited financial resources. Horace Stillwell Towers is a high rise public housing complex that rents apartments exclusively to senior citizens.

In addition to rental assistance, Savannah residents can take advantage of utility assistance programs. The Georgia Weatherization Assistance Program uses the latest technologies to provide low-income families with energy efficient upgrades to their homes, helping to lower their monthly energy consumption. The Georgia Energy Assistance Program also helps Savannah households to lower their energy bills by covering certain home repairs and providing direct bill payment assistance.

Recreational and social programs

A number of Savannah agencies offer low-cost game clubs, arts and crafts classes, computer training workshops and more for local seniors. The SmartSenior Program at St. Joseph’s/Candler Hospital promotes lifelong fitness through social programs, educational initiatives and fitness courses for an annual membership fee of just $15. The Memorial Health GenerationOne Program also gives senior members the chance to meet and socialize over free card games, bingo, movie nights, and more.

For more recreational programs and social services, visit your nearest Golden Age Center. You can relax with neighbors while you enjoy food and fun, or speak with a representative for help navigating government benefits and financial aid programs. The Coastal Regional Commission of Georgia, Chatham County’s Area Agency on Aging, also helps Savannah seniors to learn about financial assistance options for older adults.

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