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Catholic Health Care in Savannah

Finding Catholic health care and health services are imperative to Catholic seniors. Through large Catholic health organization and charities, people in Savannah can find health care, home care, temporary rehabilitation, and wellness education. Charities and churches offer assistance to give seniors the support they need for their health, well-being, housing, and more.

Wide-ranging health and wellness programs for Catholic seniors

Savannah has Catholic Churches that offer ministries for the various stages of life from grief support to in-depth prayer services. Seniors can find a group to assist with any mental and spiritual needs.

St. Mary on the Hill Parish offers an authentic Catholic community and provides support for seniors and all stages of family life. They have regular masses aimed at seniors and their specific needs.

Cathedral of St. John the Baptist is the oldest Catholic Church in Savannah and offers support through various ministries and fellowships. They provide drives to give back to the community.

Catholic Charities of Savannah provides food, hygiene products, ministry, and other needed support to the local community. Seniors can contact them for rides to medical appointments. Catholic Charities also provides home delivered meals and companionship to homebound seniors.

Various senior health care programs offered through St. Joseph’s Hospital

St. Joseph’s Hospital is the region’s only faith-based health institution and is highly regard as the premier health provider. They provide compassionate care and smart medicine to treat health and well-being.

There are locations for St. Joseph’s Hospital that concentrate on various medical treatments including cancer treatment, heart care, orthopedic surgery, bone and joint surgery, neurosurgery, diabetes care, emergency services, and women’s health. They also have facilities for rehabilitation, or you can choose home care.

St. Joseph’s Hospital offers home care for those patients who need to continue treatment. Home Health Care gives transition from hospital to home and educates along with treating. In your home, you will work with an integrated team of home health assistants, social workers, nurses, and various therapists including physical, occupational, and speech. There are nurses on-call 24 hours a day.

St. Joseph’s Hospital believes that healthy lifestyles can prevent and help manage a disease. They have professionals on staff to help you customize a plan for your optimal fitness and wellness goals that could ultimately help to avoid future critical illnesses and help you control the medical conditions you currently have. They also provide mobile screenings and health education seminars to the community.

St. Joseph’s Hospital also offers wellness and exercise programs. The St. Joseph’s Hospital Wellness Center is a full-service fitness facility in midtown Savannah. They offer:

Education on a wide array of health topics

State of the art equipment

Experienced staff

Individualized wellness plans to assist you with any goals and medical conditions

Classes and exercise programs

The Center for Wellbeing gives an integrative approach to treating the entire well-being of a person from body, mind, and spirit. They offer massages and fitness classes such as yoga, Tai Chi, and Pilates.

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