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Caregiving in Savannah, GA

Caring for a loved one is very demanding. It is a full-time job. The stress and physical toll can add up. You will need breaks. There are options available and you can choose what is best for you whether it’s a full day of rest or a few hours here and there. Private agencies, public programs, and support groups offer the options you and your loved one need.

Help big or small

Taking a break can recharge your mind and give you a physical recharge. It’s hard to be in charge of someone’s health both mentally and physically. Several options for assistance include the following.

Relief services are available to assist some of the simpler tasks such as meals, cleaning, errands, transportation and more. There is another organization available in Savannah, which offers additional services such as transportation, friendly visits, and respite care. Long-term care insurance may cover some of these costs. There are also The Senior Learning Center to keep the mind fresh through learning, painting, writing and yoga classes. There is a low fee for enrollment.

Daylong care is available for those seniors who need more attention and assistance. On average, it costs $43 a day in Savannah, GA. They offer a hot lunch, social activities, personal care and a network of other senior citizens for your loved one to befriend.

In-home care is available to those who are homebound and not able to get transportation. There are agencies that send aides to assist with daily living and care or even provide transportation to doctor appointments. These are different than volunteer services and can cost around $113 a day.

Finding care

For information on respite services available and to apply for these services, visit the Georgia Department of Aging and Disability Services respite care website. You can also visit the Georgia Cares section that provides information and counseling on Medicare, community outreach, and education.

Support for the caregiver

Try a few support groups to learn some ideas and make friends. There is plenty of information available to assist you and make caregiving easier on you. Talking to others can also help you.

More care needed

For more care than you can give, there are sources to assist you to determine what is right. The Georgia Division of Aging Services offers information on programs you can apply for additional assistance.

There are lots of options in Savannah, GA for more help with caregiving. Eldercare is a public service of the U.S. Administration on Aging and connects caregivers with area services. The Eldercare Locator provides area-specific recommendations for services including long-term care, health insurance counseling, meals and other assistance.

Be sure to care for yourself. You need care also and won’t be able to tend to your loved one if you are stressed or exhausted. Remember you can create a plan that works best for both you and your loved one to get the best care.

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