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Senior-Friendly Workplaces in Sarasota

Getting older is inevitable. As a person ages, they often look forward to the quieter days of retirement. However, unlike in the past, many seniors will not be ready to retire, or unable to do so due to financial restraints. Since so many people over the age of 55 are not ready, or willing to retire, the workforce is becoming older.

However, those who need to find employment at this stage in their life may find the process a bit daunting and challenging. While employment opportunities are out there, some seniors may discover that they need some help and information to find the best jobs for their goals, likes, and skills. Some resources and tips that are available to seniors to help them find employment in Sarasota, Florida are highlighted here.

Help and Assistance for Seniors (Over 55) Seeking Employment in Sarasota

The National Employer Team is a well-established resource that is powered by the AARP. It caters to those seeking work who are over the age of 55. The staff at this organization will arrange meetings for participants and help ensure that seniors find job opportunities that are related to their skillset and abilities.

Another service that offers employment resources is the Employ Florida Marketplace. Here, Sarasota seniors can find thousands of job listings in the local area. Filters are available to pinpoint the actual location and the type of job they are looking for. Thanks to these convenient tools, finding a job that meets their needs and skills is actually a simple process.

Paid Training Opportunities

Any senior who has reached the age of 55 and who are currently unemployed or who have a desire to reenter the workforce will likely discover that SCSEP is right for them. Qualifying for SCSEP or Senior Community Service Employment Program is based on certain income, age and employment standards.

This program is powered by the U.S. Department of Labor and serves low-income seniors who do not have many employment prospects. Individuals who are determined to be eligible will be placed into a part-time community service position with the ultimate goal of moving into an unsubsidized employment opportunity.

When using this opportunity, those who are accepted will typically work around 20 hours each week and receive minimum wage. In some cases, fringe benefits are also offered.

Finding More Information Related to Senior Employment

Retirement Jobs is a helpful and beneficial resource that allows seniors over the age of 50 to get assistance in finding employment. The website offers articles, tools and customer service representatives to help ensure they find a great job.

For seniors who are searching for information about employment in Florida, they can utilize the Senior Job Bank. Here those who are trying to re-enter the workforce can see what jobs in the area are the most popular. This will help them know the areas that are worth pursuing.

Taking some time to utilize the services will help ensure that the right employment opportunities are found and used and that a senior is able to support themselves throughout their golden years.

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